Director of cricket development also to be named June 28, 2007

Bermuda to announce new-look squad

Cricinfo staff

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Bermuda are set to announce a new squad in the next 10 days, as well as a new director of cricket, as they try to rebuild following their disastrous performance in the World Cup.

The team are set for a long tour in August, with games scheduled against Denmark, Ireland and Netherlands. However, since the World Cup their coach, Gus Logie, has made no secret of his disappointment at his senior players' apathy; several have failed to turn up to training sessions, raising questions about their commitment, and a greater concern of how to rebuild their team.

"I've said it before but the turn-out at training from many of the players who were involved in the World Cup has been pretty poor," Logie told The Royal Gazette. "They are obviously no longer under contract with the Board and are free to do as they choose, and a lot of them have said that they want to spend more time with their families.

"Even still their attendance overall has been a little bit disappointing, but on the plus side the attendance from many players who didn't make it into the World Cup squad has been very good and there are a core group of players showing up every week who have been working very hard and are knocking on the door for selection."

In addition to the squad announcement, Neil Speight - Bermuda's chief executive who is currently in London for the ICC's annual meeting - is expected to reveal at the end of this week who is to take up the position of director of cricket development.