The week on Twitter July 19, 2013

'Have you ever met a hater doing better than you'?

Biscuits, phone calls, roadworks. Also, the Ashes

The déja vu
A close finish to the first Test, but Brett Lee had been there before.

"Where's Freddie ? I need a hug #ashes"

The first-Test preparation
Graeme Swann's baby daughter apparently got him into the right spirit ahead of the game.

"Baby Charlotte has woken up and demanded I put the repeat of the Lions game on TV. I feel it is my duty as a father to bow to her demands"

The hash tag
Pat Cummins demanded social media acknowledgement of an impressive debut.

"#Ashtag should be trending. #Agar"

Tino Best's modesty corner
But whose record did Agar break?

"Morning twitter just woke up and saw my record is in deep trouble #ashes well played AGAR #11 ....go on lad get a big one .@BumbleCricket"

That was very magnanimous of him.

"Think I'm gonna pull a @BrianLara and take back my record from this Australian #mygoal #tinobest #matthewhayden #380 #400 #brianlara"

That's more like it.

The subtleties
Indian spinners seemed particularly taken with the nature of some of the action. Ravi Ashwin enjoyed the dot balls.

"Maiden over applauded by the crowd,totally refreshing."

And so did Murali Kartik.

"the joys of watching a solid defence,a good leave,a ball well bowled..unparalleled.. #cantbeatthat"

Clearly these are men who pride themselves on their miserliness.

The second-Test preparation
Graham Onions was economising on breakfast ahead of the Lord's Test.

"No baked beans means more space for a lords lunch. Love the build up to a lords test match"

It pays to be organised in your preparations

The question
Jesse Ryder wanted to know:

"Have you ever met a hater doing better than you?"

No, but to be fair, it's the economy. There's just not much money to be made in hating these days. It's not like the glory days of the 1970s when a career in hating was a viable option, with a huge untapped market for it.

The hero
Rob Key was full of admiration.

"Whoever invented the biscuit was a genius."

The other question
Vernon Philander asked:

"Can anyone explain to me why would you have roadworks during holiday season anywhere in the world......"

To minimise the impact on commuter traffic.

The outcast
Ramnaresh Sarwan found himself at a loose end.

"People dont answer phone in this country anymore. Tried about 15 numbers and came up with zip.#hmmmm"

Have you tried withholding your number?

Life with Kemar Roach
Kemar's tweets are generally pretty self-explanatory.

"Slept All Day And Now I Can't Sleep!"

"Think I'm Going To Blow Some Paper Today! # Shopping"

"What A Day!!!"

And sometimes they are not.

"Holy Grail!"

What's your philosophy?
One characteristic of all the great thinkers is that they don't generally have to flag their deepest thoughts as such.

"Growth takes place when honesty is near!! #DeepThoughts"

Presumably, the next one isn't quite so deep.

"You must decide whether you living or simply just existing."

Pretty sure it's possible to do both.

McDonald's Watch
Technically Andrew Flintoff is no longer a cricketer, so is this acceptable?

"On a different note , went in Mc Donald's today and bought a smoothie ! I feel robbed @jackwhitehall"

"But then went to Nandos for a full extra hot chicken !!"

Oh, thank goodness. That's a relief. The world hasn't been knocked off its axis.

As for the next generation? Thankfully, Joe Root knows the drill.

"What a great way to finish the day. @nandosuk #chickeneverywhere"

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