July 31, 2014

Jacques Kallis retires

Kallis transcended thrill

Jacques Kallis' fans have said he is a greater all-rounder than Garry Sobers and his critics have pointed out that Sobers made you rush to the ground as his style exuded that thrilling sense of expectancy which Kallis never quite managed to stir in many. Sriram Veera writes in Mirror that Kallis stripped batting of its accoutrements. It was what made him great and it was also what kept many cricket watchers aloof to that greatness.

Kallis didn't do dares; his feet moved just about enough, the bat would unobtrusively cover for the swing, and the solidity in the defense was remarkably non-fussy. It made one feel that there was no venom in the first place. He almost denied that moment of its potential romantic battle that perhaps left some a touch cold.


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