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Cuban cricket

Bat up, Cuba

Scyld Berry's column in the Telegraph explains how a charity has been supplying bats, stumps, helmets and more to fuel Cuba's passion for cricket


Cricket from the stone age?

A visit to National Museum of the History of Sport in Orkney offers evidence of how closely sport and life are related writes Alan Tyers, in the Telegraph

England cricket

Etching culture on cricket bats

The Guardian published a series of images capturing the works of the Newcastle-based art collective, Prefab77, who recently laser-etched a number of vintage cricket bats with symbolic designs

Cricket in unusual places

Cricketing postcards from Estonia

In an article on Wisden India, Sara Torvald, a Finland-based cricket fan, recounts a cricket tour that began on an online commentary forum and ended with three teams on a cricket pitch in Tallinn, Estonia