DECEMBER 10, 2013

This Australia, that England

Matt Davies : If you were to compare the current Australian Test team and its style of play with another, you'd probably go with England's Ashes-winning side of 2005
Man-for-man, the current Australian team is quite similar to England's 2005 Ashes side © Getty Images
MARCH 08, 2013

An encounter with the 'dreaded' Roy Gilchrist

Richard Minott: A West Indies fan on experiencing the softer side of the once-feared Roy Gilchrist
FEBRUARY 22, 2013

The Sachin Tendulkar Experience

Kali Kishore: Was it visual? A shotmaking feast of such delicious complexity, that one could often taste it in layers? Was it vicarious? The lower middle-class, living its most vivid world-beating fantasies through an aberration within their ilk
FEBRUARY 21, 2013

Six memorable India-Australia matches

Shyam Sundararaman: India v Australia in India has provided the most memorable Test matches of my life. Ahead of the latest installment of this unique rivalry, these are six of the most memorable matches I have seen
FEBRUARY 11, 2013

A hero in a dystopian wasteland

Peter Miller: Just as Mad Max struck his own path through the Australian outback, Graham Thorpe was a bastion of consistency in the quagmire of batting collapses