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Has cricket hit the roof?

Ashok Malik, in Asian Age, wonders cricket-viewing has hit a peak in India considering the decline in the team's performance since the 2000s and other sports vying for the average fan's interest

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The nature v nurture debate in cricket

In an article for Aeon magazine, David Papineau explores the idea of nature v nurture in cricket by comparing it with other sports

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Green gloves, ducks and bats taped to ceilings

While reviewing Chris Waters' book 10 for 10 on Hedley Verity's record for the Guardian, Andy Bull recounts some entertaining stories of superstitions that cricketers have followed

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Pakistan cricket

It's never just cricket in Pakistan

Nadeem Paracha, in Dawn, presents a chronicle of curious selections, protests, regional rivalries and religious influences that have followed Pakistan cricket

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English cricket

Durham reaps the rewards of empowerment

In the Telegraph, Scyld Berry lauds Durham's Championship victory and says the county's success is tribute to the power of empowering regions with first-class cricket

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Australia news

Fawad Ahmed's brave stance maintains team harmony

Malcolm Knox, in the Sydney Morning Herald, and Joe Gorman, in the Guardian offer their views on the controversy regarding Fawad Ahmed's decision to not sport a sponsor logo on his Australia shirt

Cricket in unusual places

Cricketing postcards from Estonia

In an article on Wisden India, Sara Torvald, a Finland-based cricket fan, recounts a cricket tour that began on an online commentary forum and ended with three teams on a cricket pitch in Tallinn, Estonia