JULY 15, 2014

Dull match, lovely stats

Andy Zaltzman: So what if Trent Bridge was a snoozefest? We've got all these numbers, haven't we?
They did it for the love of stats © Getty Images
MAY 06, 2014

The Curiously Disappointing in a Particular Batting Position Test XI

Andy Zaltzman: Otherwise good batsmen who had unaccountable dips in form when they moved to a different spot in the batting order
FEBRUARY 18, 2014

Mitchell mayhem, and a Wellington Vesuvius

Andy Zaltzman: A refreshing dip in the numerical magma chamber of the second New Zealand-India Test, and more
JANUARY 14, 2014

A golden age of cricketing travel sickness

Andy Zaltzman: In which we explore the magical world of whitewashes and why teams seem to be so rubbish at touring these days
DECEMBER 12, 2013

WACA, England's blackhole

Andy Zaltzman: England need to cross a statistical hurdle of stellar proportions if they are to win the third Ashes Test
OCTOBER 07, 2013

One-off saucepan sizzlers

Andy Zaltzman: Part two of the flash-in-the-pan XI features bowlers who rattled the opposition once and then went off to lead a peaceful, non-violent existence
SEPTEMBER 05, 2013

The unsung micro-Botham

Andy Zaltzman: In this Ashes series, Tim Bresnan was statistically unspectacular but impactful
JUNE 07, 2013

Everyone's a winner

Andy Zaltzman: But no one will win. Probably. Of course, someone has to, in the end. Anyway: the official Confectionery Stall preview
MAY 15, 2013

Bring on the cricket megabinge

Andy Zaltzman: Seven Tests, 31 ODIs, six T20Is in 124 days. Let us lick our lips for what we are about to receive
APRIL 08, 2013

Peter Fulton's marvellous metamorphosis

Andy Zaltzman: From knocking about with the numerical nobodies, he is now mingling with the mathematical megaliths
MARCH 27, 2013

Matt Prior and the tantric massage of luck

Andy Zaltzman: All hail England's fortunate MVP
MARCH 19, 2013

Just how bad are Australia?

Andy Zaltzman: Not as much as they look at the moment, is the answer, children. Ten irrefutable splodges of statistical truth-telling to get you through the night
MARCH 12, 2013

The importance of making 163 on debut

Andy Zaltzman: Or why Hamish Rutherford has blown his chance at immortality: a piercing statistical analysis
MARCH 06, 2013

Lions with snoring problems, and light-sleeping wildebeest

Andy Zaltzman: Aka everything you wanted to know about the New Zealand-England Test series but were afraid to ask