Champions League Twenty20 2011 September 18, 2011

Champions League 2011 ready reckoner

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Answers to who's playing, what's the format and other basic questions about the Champions League Twenty20 2011

The format

One of the problems with the Champions League 2010 was that the teams from Sri Lanka, New Zealand and West Indies struggled to match up to the levels of the rest of the field. In an attempt to increase the commercial viability of the tournament, the 2011 event will have a qualifier round involving teams from these countries, the top two county sides, and the fourth-ranked IPL team. The teams participating in the qualifier round are:

  • Trinidad & Tobago from West Indies
  • Ruhuna from Sri Lanka
  • Auckland from New Zealand
  • Kolkata Knight Riders from India
  • Somerset and Leicestershire from England

The top three teams from the qualifier round will compete in the main draw that will also include:

  • Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore from India
  • New South Wales and South Australia from Australia
  • Cape Cobras and Warriors from South Africa

    The ten teams in the main draw will be split into two groups of five each, with the top two from each group contesting the semi-finals. For a full list of fixtures, click here.

    The prize money

    Winning team - $2,500,000

    Losing finalist - $1,300,000

    Losing semifinalists - $500,000 each

    Teams finishing fifth to 10th - $200,000 each

    Players eligible for more than one team:

    Since the event features franchise-based clubs unconstrained by national boundaries, there are instances of a player having to choose between two or more sides. For the 2011 season, the following players faced overlaps, and each chose to play for their IPL teams:

    • Kieron Pollard (Mumbai, South Australia, Somerset)
    • Suraj Randiv (Chennai, Ruhuna)
    • Doug Bollinger (Chennai, New South Wales)
    • Aiden Blizzard (Mumbai, South Australia)
    • Brett Lee (Kolkata, New South Wales)
    • Brad Haddin (Kolkata, New South Wales)
    • Davy Jacobs (Mumbai, Warriors)

      If a player is selected to play for an 'away' team rather than his 'home' team (the team from the country he is eligible to represent in international cricket), the 'away' team must pay $150,000 as a release fee to the 'home' team. 'Away' teams are not eligible for compensation if a player chooses to play for his 'home' team.

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  • nilayb on September 21, 2011, 18:03 GMT

    Completely agree to @prats_bleedingblue. ICC needs to take stronger steps and make sure that they don't allow cash-rich BCCI to dominate world cricket. A tournament of this kind adds no value to international cricket. But how will they stop this - BCCI is earning millions, so are the players playing for the IPL teams, so are the TV companies. A Gautam Gambhir missed the entire tour of england due to various injuries. Ideally he should have rested and fully recovered for the Eng series in India. But, now he's planning to rush back and play for KKR in the champions league. I hope that the Indian players and BCCI realise that winning a series for your country is more important than making quick bucks in a tournament like IPL/Champions League. All this non-sense cricket should stop!

  • dummy4fb on September 20, 2011, 21:22 GMT

    Who are the T20 World Champions - England

    What does the Champions League tell you about which country is the strongest in that format - absolutely nothing. It's a load dice, enjoy it but don't kid yourself it means anything.

  • dummy4fb on September 20, 2011, 21:04 GMT

    I just wish they hadn't scheduled 2 waste of time games with Eng vs WI that takes 2 high quality batsmen from Somerset. It's hard enough playing with less hired guns than Indian teams then to lose your 2 England players as well. Credit to them for the win today.

  • dummy4fb on September 20, 2011, 18:29 GMT

    Tournament like Champions league gives cricket fan to see something new. I have just got bored of seeing one day cricket. India Just now played with england and now again they are going to play with them within 30 days time. To Keep One Day Cricket Alive a series between two countries should not be held in interval of 1 month. This is happening from many years with all country because Cricket has only good 8 teams where as football has 30 - 40. Before world cup india was playing with srilanka only and england with australia. There was sharjah cup which was superb and but due to some problems that stopped from many years.

    About Champions League: i think format is very good. in last few editions of champions league, we saw england, new zealand county sides are not good enough for this competition, so qualifier was needed to maintain level of cricket. Leicestershire are england t20 champions and they had their full squad i believe but still they were beaten so badly.

  • dummy4fb on September 20, 2011, 15:31 GMT

    It's a sick joke. English Counties have a major disadvantage in having to pick from 1/18th of the players in england, but SA/AUS from 1/8th or less. While that's the domestic structure in each country, the playing field is further skewed by IPL teams picking from the entire world for 4 extra overseas players. I think all countries should only pick home grown talent and English counties get an exemption to pick from 2 other neighbouring counties. That would level things up.

  • prats_bleedingblue on September 20, 2011, 15:13 GMT

    what a mockery of a tournament, its purpose and its format. i am indian and love indian cricket team the most, but this whole IPL thing and the money mending bussiness by ICC/BCCI just disorients me off......there should be atleast one team from all the test playing nations,making count as 10, and then icc can decide how many teams more to include, may be 2 , 4 or 6 more, and choose the most suitable format applicable for interesting encounters and competitive tournament...also icc should make sure no more than 2 teams are there from any nation.( it anyways doesnt allow other than india with the current format).....also the venues needs to be rotated rather than just subcontinent or southafrica...due to time zone constraints i havent seen any of the icc tournaments held in australia newzealand since 1992 WC, all countries need a fair chance to make environment more competitive and unbiased...from a true indian and true lover of cricket

  • dummy4fb on September 20, 2011, 13:13 GMT

    Height of Biasness : Champions League T20

  • 9ST9 on September 20, 2011, 4:28 GMT

    ha ha dont make me laugh the qualifier isn't there because teams from SL.NZ, and WI( T&T??? are you kidding?) are not on the same level. Another feeble and ugly attempt to squeeze in another IPL franchise. Why don't they play a qualifier to select the best domestic from rest of the world and pit them against all the IPL teams? This is so biased and despicable.

  • Gizza on September 19, 2011, 23:08 GMT

    If it wasn't so IPL favoured I think the CL would be a really good tournament. It would even better if it was a 50-over tournament (and since One dayers are still quite short the tournament can still end quickly) but anyway. The best format would be 16 teams and 4 teams in 4 groups or pools. The top 2 then play a knockout. In theory this would be awesome. In practice this leave the possibility of all the IPL sides being knocked out after 3 games each. Only practical advantage I suppose is that you can have 4 IPL teams in the actual tournament. Apart from that, I believe there should be at least one team from the eight major cricket countries. Then a second team from Aus, SA and Eng and two more from India just for the financial boost. This leaves three spots, for a second team from NZ, WI, Pak, SL or the winners from Zimbabwe and Bangladesh (and maybe in the future winners from Ireland). That would be an excellent format in my opinion.

  • dummy4fb on September 19, 2011, 22:04 GMT

    4 ipl teams.... wat is this a mini ipl event???? simply disgusting, can't believe this is considered an ICC event

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