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The ICC has radically restructured its administration and revenue distribution system following a campaign by Cricket Australia, the BCCI and the ECB to change the fundamental structure of the world cricket and centre its executive clout and financial power in the hands of these three boards. The change was driven by the fact that a new tranche of the ICC's media rights (2015-2023) were to be up for sale. The ICC's Finance & Commercial Affairs (F&CA) produced a "working group position paper" which proposed changes in the ICC's administrative structures, revenue distribution models and the Future Tours Programme (FTP). The proposal created a stir in the cricket fraternity with arguments suggesting that the concentration of power in the hands of the three boards could impact the game significantly. The constitutional amendments required to put the new structure in place were approved of during the ICC's 2014 Annual Conference

December 16
News - Growing poorer in the Big Three era

June 28
News - WICB and PCB elected to ExCo
News - Netherlands and Nepal get T20I status

June 27
Brettig: Waiting on chairman Srinivasan
News - Najam Sethi elected to ExCo, says PCB

June 26
News - Srinivasan confirmed as ICC chairman
News - 'Wouldn't have dreamt of walking away from ICC' - Srinivasan
News - Full transcript of Srinivasan's press conference
Video - 'Can't accept cricket has an image problem' - Srinivasan
News - NZC backs new ICC chairman
Video - Samiuddin: Administrators disconnected from game

June 25
News - Illegal bowling action process under review
News - Clarke angry at Oliver snub
News - Srinivasan meets Associates before formal ascension
News - Associates swayed by potential larger revenues

June 24
News - Big Three powers charm Associates

June 23
Brettig: Cricket to become a private club
News - Ten-team World Cup a concern for Associates
Video - Brettig: ICC to have reduced influence

June 21
News - New ICC ethics code to be tabled
News - India, England not in favour of cricket at Olympics

June 20
News - Anti-corruption unit answers to ExCo

June 9
News - Mani: BCCI's threat of parallel body 'laughable'

June 7
News - BCCI threatened to form parallel world cricket body

May 7
News - ICC anti-corruption unit reviewed

April 11
News - PCB agrees conditionally to ICC revamp

March 3
News - PCB likely to back ICC revamp

February 18
News - 'Unanimous' SLC backs ICC revamp

February 11
News - Ranatunga: 'SLC happy with ICC resolutions'
News - It is not a perfect world - CSA

February 8
News - ICC Board clears governance, financial changes
News - BCCI welcomes approval, confirms talks with CSA for series
News - Changes in resolution forced PCB, SLC to abstain
News - CSA president justifies support for ICC revamp
Video - 'CSA would want to patch-up with BCCI'
News - BCB confident of securing series with Big Three

February 7
News - Lord Woolf calls draft proposal 'a retrograde step'
News - ICC says proposed revamp legally sound
Video - 'Strident opposition to Big Three, but for how long?'
News - Grim legal tussle expected at Board meeting

February 6
Interview - N Srinivasan: The new ICC structure is more inclusive
News - SLC questions legality of proposals

February 5
News - 'A strong India is good for world cricket' - Srinivasan
Kamran Abbasi - Pakistan and the Big Three
News - SLC confirms opposition to ICC revamp plans

February 4
News - CSA denies discussing Lorgat role with BCCI
News - Increasing funds to select Associates won't reduce divide - Ireland CEO
News - CSA to list revamp objections to ICC

February 3
News - PCB oppose Big Three proposals
News - CSA-BCCI impasse likely to end

January 31
News - Zaka Ashraf wants consensus before ICC decision

January 30
Geoff Boycott - 'Appalled by greed of Big Three'
News - Non-Full Members to gain from proposed revenue model - Richardson
News - BCB promises Big Three tours
News - An 11th Test country?
News - BCCI's demand for more revenue justified - Patel

January 29
News - What happened at the ICC meeting?
News - WICB projects 100% rise in revenue if ICC revamp stamped
Sharda Ugra - 'Real Negotiating starts now'
News - BCB on board, Big Three one vote away
News - 'Big Three were more likely to make progress' - Isaac

January 28
News - ICC Board to be presented a 'resolutions' redraft
News - PCB, CSA, SLC and BCB against proposals - Zaka Ashraf
News - Full text of the media release after the ICC Board meeting
News - 'Unanimous support' for draft principles - ICC
News - Alan Isaac pushed Big Three to collaborate
Andy Zaltzman - Cricket fans don't pay to watch administrators

January 27
Sambit Bal - Will cricket stand up to India?
News - Atherton condemns Big Three plan
Video - Samiuddin: Revamp also has many legal implications

January 26
News - Speed, Gray join Mani's protest
Tony Cozier - West Indies will toe financial bottom line

January 25
Sharda Ugra - Blame the ECB and CA
News - Mani slams 'Big Three' proposal
News - Mushfiqur blasts proposed two-tier Test system

January 24
Video - BCB confused over revamp proposal

January 23
News - BCCI puts ICC events on the line
News - Draft will need 'extraordinary majority' to be passed - ICC vice-president
News - SLC wants ICC to postpone discussion on draft proposal
News - BCB to decide on draft based on 'response of other boards'
Video - Ugra: Cricket gives in to BCCI's blackmail
Russell Degnan - Cashing out the future of cricket

January 22
News - Edwards responds to 'Big Three' criticism
David Hopps - Giles Clarke on the verge of diplomatic triumph

January 21
News - Draft proposal could hit a snag
News - BCCI working committee to discuss ICC draft
Video - Who will stand up to the Big Three?
Video - England cosy up to power
Video - 'Dice heavily loaded in favour of big three'

January 20
News - NZC not worried over power takeover, says Snedden
News - CSA demands ICC proposals withdrawn
News - Boards silent on ICC revamp consequences
Sambit Bal - Missing the fundamental point of sport

January 19
News - No knowledge of draft proposals, says Associate representative

January 18
Video - Ugra: Changes will create an oligarchy that will run cricket
News - Big three eye bigger slice of ICC revenue pie
Martin Crowe - Two-tier Test system, my foot
Jarrod Kimber - Tell the administrators you're watching them

January 17
News - Big Three could control revamped ICC
News - FTP may become bilateral arrangement

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  • aziz on January 30, 2014, 21:50 GMT

    Please let someone else go to attend the next ICC meeting, someone who knows how to make a presentation like Najm saheb. Pakistan should ask a simple question of ICC members especfially India. What has the world cricket done to help Pakistan with their unique as well as unfortunate situation. They were deprived of their share of the WC-2011 matches, no test country is willing to come to Pakistan, and not many invite Pakistan to play tests except South Africa and Sri-Lanka. Australia has recently cut short the test series. India has not fullfilled their promise of playing two test series at home and abroad. In the past Pakistan has always supported India in their cause, but India is not reciprocating. So Pakistan needs some hard gurantees or they will negotiate bilateral series on their terms. Pakistan cricket board has been losing money for a few years and cannot continue to sustain such losses in future.

  • Javed on January 30, 2014, 2:31 GMT

    Except Indian fans, rest of the cricket world loves to see India loose because of there board attitude and money power. India is bulling rest of the world cricket by this two tier and what they did against SA recently and IPL circus. India can only win in India and they will get crash any where they go. PAK beat them in there own back yard. Best of luck NZ sweep the Indians just like ENG, Aus, SA did. So called world champs in there own home only. Rest of the world watches Indian matches just to see them loose and BCCI and Indian fans think everyone wants to watch them.

  • Ayesha on January 30, 2014, 1:17 GMT

    The biggest question is - Why was RSA left out of the "Big 3"?

    Well most may conclude that they do not make enough money to be given a place in the "top core", but thats not the point here. The general vibes from this proposal are that India wants the money while Aus & Eng want the governance. Well its neither of these.

    This whole revamp is basically intended to kill RSA as a cricket nation. Lets face it. India has more than enough money, to cry over a slightly bigger claim. They created this whole proposal to ensure RSA are finished. Eng & Aus were coaxed into agreement by being given a share of the spoils.

    The truth is that the BCCI and CSA boards hate each other at the moment. If we look deep, we will realise that no other team loses as much from this as RSA does.

    Within 5 years RSA will be finished as a cricket nation. The only way to escape this is by sacking Lorgat and bowing down to the BCCI. If this happens, we will see CSA included in the core.

  • shan on January 30, 2014, 1:00 GMT

    If this big "three" trying to manipulate the cricket why not rest of the cricketing nation get together and staring their own Cricket administration. Then they will be more powerful than this so-called big three

  • Atif on January 29, 2014, 23:31 GMT

    My message to Big Three. You have made me sad and angry and frustrated. As a result, I am now starting a campaign to boycott not only all your matches but also boycott all sponsors who support you. The campaign begins now!

  • sajid on January 29, 2014, 22:23 GMT

    Please just kill test cricket, all this will go away. Nobody have time to go and watch it. People here who say they love test cricket, why arent you filling up the stadiums to show your support.

  • Qasim on January 29, 2014, 10:38 GMT

    R.I.P. Cricket..........!

  • Rashid on January 28, 2014, 18:56 GMT

    Forget the ICC they are spineless and money grabbers.

    All the member should get together and form an NEW Federation of Cricket Association (FICA) and run it like FIFA with no tier system. For the sake of Cricket game it will get instants recognition all over the cricket countries with wider fan base that will automatically increase the revenue of broadcasting rights. A Cricket Congress should be form with Each national Cricket association has one vote, regardless of its size or cricketing strength.

    Making or suggesting the to revamp the ICC is good news but should be in favour of "BIG 3". Look at the United Nation that is bullied by the "BIG 5".

  • Dummy4 on January 28, 2014, 16:29 GMT

    Nonsense...!! If majority is base of this issue than China could be Super Power of all Sports.. !

  • Dummy4 on January 28, 2014, 15:27 GMT

    last 9 matches, no win. series loss against no.5 and no.8 of the point table. and they want to be the SUPER POWER of the game! nice joke I must admit. Oh My God please put some brakes on Big Three.

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