August 27, 2003

Vaughan slammed by county chairman

Wisden Cricinfo staff

Michael Vaughan's comments in the aftermath of the Headingley defeat, that the county system was largely to blame for the national side's weaknesses, have been criticised by John Elliott, the chairman of Worcestershire.

Vaughan said that the county system did not make players tough enough, but Elliott scoffed at the claim, maintaining that it was the players themselves who were to blame. "I think he is totally out of order," Elliott fumed. "What does it say for the English county cricket clubs who are striving to improve the game and the standard of cricket in England? England should look internally. He has basically called the players a load of wimps who are not good enough to play Test cricket.

"We have done everything for them," Elliott continued. "We have given them central contracts, brought in two divisions in the County Championship and National League, made one-day cricket 45 overs etc. They have got all the help in the world with physios, psycho-analysts, dieticians and managers. They've got everything and they still can't get out there and play the game. I think they should look internally rather than complain about English county cricket."

And Elliott was unimpressed with the decision to allow several of the players to miss the next round of domestic matches. "I am in favour of central contracts but I think the system should be fine-tuned. Many a time a player is better off playing cricket than just idling around."

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