Bermuda cricket September 21, 2005

Logie signs long-term coaching deal with Bermuda

Cricinfo staff

Gus Logie has signed a four-year contract extension as the coach of Bermuda.

Logie originally took on the role for six months in April, but following Bermuda's success in qualifying for the World Cup in 2007, the board has offered him a longer deal, which he has accepted. The official start date of the new contract is October 5.

Under Logie, Bermuda have also reached the semi-finals of the ICC Intercontinental Cup which will be held in Windhoek, Namibia in October.

"We are excited and very pleased," said Reginald Pearman, the president of Bermuda's board. "We understand that it is a major change for Gus and his family, but we believe they will be very happy in Bermuda and that Gus will continue to do a great job."

The funding for the contract comes from a number of sources, including the government, the ICC and the Bank of Bermuda Foundation.