Sri Lanka Schools: Jaffna's 93rd big match this weekend (20 March 1999)

20 March 1999

Sri Lanka Schools: Jaffna's 93rd big match this weekend

The Daily News

The 93rd cricket encounter between Jaffna Central College and St. John's College, Jaffna, two leading schools in the North will take place at the Jaffna Central College grounds on March 20 and 21 (Saturday and Sunday).

This annual encounter has evoked great enthusiasm between the Johnians and the Centralites.

A cricketing spirit pervades in the Jaffna town heralding an event of good sportsmanship and unflagging fellowship.

Who's who

Jaffna Central College

T. Vasudevan - Captain of the side, 3rd-year coloursman. A confident stylish right-hand batsman, right-arm fast bowler, a safe close fielder, played for Jaffna Schools Cricket Team in 1998.

J. Paveethan - Vice captain, 3rd year, right-hand middle order bat, ace batsman of the side. A medium right-arm bowler, safe field.

P. Keitheesan - 3rd year, left hand batsman, right-arm off spinner, close fielder.

M. Thivakar - 2nd year left arm opening bowler, a left-hand batsman, very good fielder at any position.

B. Mayutharan - 2nd year, hard hitting right-hand batsman, right-arm pace bowler safe fielder.

B. Kageetharan - 2nd year, right-handed opening bat, medium fast bowler, safe fielder.

T. Thinish - 2nd year, right-hand opening batsman, right-arm off-spinner, safe fielder, capable of keeping wickets in an emergency.

V. Rajeevkumar - Fresher, left-hand middle order bat, intelligent bowler, can be used for fast or spin. Very good close fielder, 'baby' of the team.

S. Birenthavaan - Fresher, right-hand middle order stylish batsman. Wicketkeeper of the side. Always alert with gloves.

N. Sasigaran - Fresher, the tall right-arm pace bowler shares the new ball with Thivakar, safe fielder.

U. Niroshan - Fresher, right-hand batsman. A right-arm off-spinner.

K. Suthagaran - 2nd year, all-rounder, right-hand batsman. Safe fielder.

K. Piragash - 2nd year, right-hand opening bat, right-arm off-spinner, safe fielder.

R. Kugathasan - Fresher, right-hand middle order batsman. Safe fielder.

J. Renen - Fresher, left-hand batsman, capable to be an opening batsman.

R. Masuthan - Fresher, right-hand batsman, off-spin bowler, very good close fielder.

St. John's Central College

K. Pragashan - Captain, 4th year coloursman, an aggressive right handed bat, centurion of the side, unorthodox penetrative right-arm fast medium bowler, fine fielder at any position. A complete all-rounder.

A. Dinesh Ebeneezer - vice captain, 3rd year, right-hand batsman capable of big scores, bowls right-arm off spin, a good fielder at any position, represented Jaffna Schools Cricket team in 1998.

A. Gowripahan - 5th year coloursman, last year's skipper, a district player of yesteryear, vice captain of Jaffna Schools Cricket Team in 1998, stylish right-handed aggressive bat. Keeper with a safe pair of hands.

N. Logulan - 2nd year, right-handed middle order bat, capable of quick runs, bowls right-arm slow medium, able to turn the ball both ways, an excellent fielder at any position, another all-rounder.

P. Thomas Thevaseyan - 2nd year, lanky left-arm fast medium bowler opens the bowling for his side, swings the ball in both directions. Right-hand batsman, a good fielder at deep.

B. S. Dilan Thevathason - 2nd year, right-arm leg-spinner of the side, left hand middle order batsman able to bat in any situation, a hope at time of crisis, a good out fielder.

T. Rajieve - 2nd year. A confident stylish right hand opening batsman with variety of strokes a fine fielder at slips. Occasionally bowls right-arm off spin.

T. Ragulan - 2nd year, right-arm fast medium bowler, orthodox left hand batsman, a safe out field.

W. Rajeevan Ratnam - Fresher, stylish right-hand dependable opening batsman. A strong fence at gully.

V. Vishnuvarthan - Fresher, stylish left-hand bat, capable of quick runs. Right-arm fast medium bowler. A good fielder at deep.

V. Ajanthan - Fresher, tall right arm fast-medium bowler, shares the new ball with Thomas, his height is an advantage to discomfort any batsman. Dependable right hand tail end batsman a good out field.

S. Suntheresan - Fresher, promising right-hand batsman, right-arm fast medium bowler, good fielder at any position.

P. Lavendra - Fresher. Slow, confident left-hand batsman, left-arm slow medium bowler, good cover fielder.

B. Pratheepan - Fresher, an explosive right-hand batsman, can fill in behind the stumps when required.

C. Ahilan - Fresher, 'Baby' of the team, right-hand fast medium bowler, promising right hand batsman, a good fielder, has good future.

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