March 15, 2000

New Hampshire coach Jimmy Cook talkes to the Hampshire Web site.

Jimmy Cook was introduced to the press at the County Ground, Southampton on Monday, and immediatly impressed the gathering with his enthusiasm for the task ahead.

As first teaam coach he aims to put a smile on the faces of the Hampshire players for the right reasons.

"Enjoyment comes from winning. If you're winning games you will have a smile on your face," says Cook, a view endorsed by Hampshire skipper Robin Smith.

Cook admits that the chance to work with Shane Warne was one of the things that attracted him to the post, but the clubs ambition to lose its "friendly local outfit" tag, and the opening of their new cricket oval at West End, Southampton in 2001, was also a factor.

Cook has a three year contract with Hampshire, which will give him plenty of time to bed in his ideas.

"I won't jump in and change things overnight. It will take me a while to recognise things and to suggest any changes and a lot of things won't need big changes," he said.

"Often it's the little things that can make a difference and I will bring in one or two fresh ideas of how certain things can be done."

"Talking over the role from that great ledgend Malcolm Marshall, is an honour and I will do everything in my brief to bring Hampshire cricket to the top. We are not here just to ensure we stay in the first division of the County Championship, we are here to try and win the trophy.