August 8, 2001

Bruyns quits Boland

CricInfo Staff

Andre Bruyns has resigned his position as Director of Cricket with the Boland Cricket Board.

According to the South African Press Association, Bruyns cited personality clashes among his reasons for leaving.

"There was not a lot more I could contribute to Boland cricket. I reached a stage where I felt I was restricted in my duties because there are too many amateur structures in place," Bruyns told Sapa. "I tried to run the affairs strictly along business lines which was important given the financial position of Boland, as well as the run up to the World Cup."

In particular, Bruyns said he was "astounded" by a decision to turn down an offer a a cash injection from Sail (South African Investments Ltd).

"It would have worked brilliantly for the Board and it would have helped to develop the facilities in the region so that it would compare with the best in the country," said Bruyns.

"If somebody wants to try a new direction, it's his right. There is nothing sinister in his decision," the Boland president Henry Paulse told the Afrikaans newspaper Rapport