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Your Voice

  • Suresh Kumar, Chennai Jul 1, 2012

    I have lived in Chennai all my life, and I must say that it's truly a cricket loving city. We Chennai people like our cricket and we know to appreciate good cricket. We have healthy local cricket structure which is, in my opinion, one of the best in the country. The problem I have is that the spectators for the local cricket have drastically gone down, and that isn't really good sign for cricket. I think authorities and everyone who could make a difference should try and bring crowds back to local cricket. They need to create local cricket stars, and that will go a long way is driving the young generation in sport, in fact playing the sport for the love of it. I think even though Chennai is pretty alright with youngsters wanting to cricket, the informal cricket seems to have dried out, and that's another change that has saddened me. I am sure citizens associations or even the youth in the city can come together and run a campaign - "let's play cricket", and make the city, well and truly, cricket loving as well as cricket playing city.

  • Kiran Patil, Delhi Jun 30, 2012

    I have lived in all four metros in the country, and over the years the whole culture of "playing sport" seems to be on its way down. I am not referring to playing sport in an organised manner - like at clubs or in coaching camps, but I am referring to common person going out and playing. Cricket, like some other team sports, , has been one of the victims. And I believe it is important for us as a country to get that back, if we were to grow organically as a sports loving country. We have to also be sports playing country. My suggestion would be following - a) Make playing fields mandatory in city planning, just like the infrastructure is being built, b) Create and utilise public spaces by using rooftops of major public places like bus terminals, railway stations and other, and c) It should be made mandatory for companies in the cities to create of make available open spaces that can be utilised by the public.