England v India, 4th ODI, Lord's September 11, 2011

Jadeja's brain fade, and Swann's routine act

Plays of the Day from the fourth ODI between England and India at Lord's

The late entrant
Graeme Swann had to wait until the 26th over of India's innings before he was asked to bowl. He struck immediately, though, taking two wickets in his first over, an art he has mastered. Virat Kohli tried to glide an off break that was too close to him and gave the wicketkeeper a simple catch. Two balls later Rahul Dravid, who had countered Swann by playing on the back foot throughout the tour, took a big stride forward to a flighted delivery and punched it straight back to the bowler, who took a low catch with both hands.

The contest
Ben Stokes had been clueless against the offspin of R Ashwin at The Oval. At Lord's, Stokes decided the best way to gain the upper hand was to advance down the pitch. Against the first ball of Ashwin's penultimate over, Stokes stepped out a couple of yards to get his first four. He charged the bowler once again the very next delivery, but this time Ashwin pitched it fuller and into the body and accepted the return catch with both hands and a big smile. Watch out for this pair's contest in Cardiff.

The blooper
England had lost two wickets in three overs and the asking-rate was more than seven an over. Ravi Bopara was going strong on 62 and he didn't want to let it get out of reach. He spotted RP Singh, one of India's weakest fielders walk in several yards on the long-on boundary. Bopara immediately tried to clear it. He hit the ball cleanly but not with enough power to clear the rope, giving India a wicket-taking chance. RP Singh, however, misjudged the trajectory of the ball and jumped awkwardly to try and catch it. He failed and looked clumsy. Suresh Raina, the bowler, looked on in disgust.

The brain fade
The costliest of India's several errors in the field was perhaps Ravindra Jadeja's throw. Tim Bresnan had pushed a straight delivery from Jadeja gently towards long-off. Munaf Patel, standing on the boundary, trundled in without urgency to pick up the ball. Bopara, running to the non-striker's end, was alert enough to realise he could take advantage of Munaf's lethargy. He called for two and rushed back for the second before Munaf's throw reached Jadeja. Worse was to follow for India, though. Jadeja, perhaps angry at Munaf's fielding, swivelled full circle and flung the ball towards MS Dhoni. Except that the ball flew to the left of the fielder at short third man instead and raced to the boundary. England got six runs where they should have got two. Every run became crucial as D-L came into the picture and Munaf and Jadeja had a lot to answer for.

The over
After dropping that catch on the boundary, RP Singh did manage to bring India back in the match. Before he began the 48th over, England needed 19 off 18 balls. RP Singh used the crease intelligently, going wide from round the stumps to angle the ball into the right-hand batsmem. Bopara swung hard but missed the first delivery. A single brought Graeme Swann on strike and RP Singh pitched a perfect bouncer at good pace, forcing Swann to duck. He finished the over giving away just four runs.

Nagraj Gollapudi is an assistant editor at ESPNcricinfo

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  • John on September 14, 2011, 3:22 GMT

    Did you all conveniently forgot what happened the last time a full strength Indian team played a full strength England team in India....hmmm? And btw almost half of THAT English team are no longer part of the current ODI setup...just a fyi. In other words, take away Strauss' retirement from ODI, Yardy, Prior, Shazad, and Collingwood are no longer deemed good enough for the present team. Just something for you "wait til England play India at home" preachers out there to think about.

  • Martin on September 13, 2011, 21:13 GMT

    The four matches played so far have not been 50 over ODIs. I called off, 2 shortened and one 50/49. England were in the driving seat in the 1st and 4th. So If india can't turn over an England team that has no KP, no Morgan and no Tremlett What hope for india against a full strength England side - containing the best spin bowler in the world Swann - in the doctored dust bowls of India ? Mmm.... There you go @Gerard Pereira - how do you like them apples?

  • Dummy4 on September 13, 2011, 16:33 GMT

    @Adnan Hassan ...why do you always have to whine ..if India wins or lose or Draws. Pakistan team is the GREATEST TEAM on earth. Lets stop there and comment on the present Indian team.

  • Dummy4 on September 12, 2011, 13:04 GMT

    I am certain my comment wont be posted, as it seems like cricinfo. is being run by Indians ... however to put things into prospective let me say that India should stop looking for excuses like injuries and tosses and bad luck to blame for their performance. Fact is Pakistan played last year with a much younger and inexperienced side and was able to have a tight one day series with two wins only to loose the final game in a good contest. Pakistanis were also able to win one test out of four and if it wasnt for the match fixing controversy they wouldve done better. The only difference was Pakistan had genuine match winning ballers in Aamir, Asif, Gul, Akhtar and Ajmal. Munaf, RP and Parveen do not have the fire power to get England out. So lets face the facts and try to get the problem sorted out.

  • Harsh on September 12, 2011, 12:20 GMT

    Now as we do not have anything to lost ( We already did eventually everything...) , Would be good to see aaron in place of Munaf.

    for me munaf do not have the right kind of attitude, he used to get angry on other fielders while bowling and do the worse while fielding himself.

  • Dummy4 on September 12, 2011, 11:53 GMT

    The four matches played so far have not been 50 over ODIs. I called off, 2 shortened and one 50/49. India were in the driving seat in the 1st and 4th (could not see rabbits like Finn and Anderson getting the required 11 of 7 Balls) . So If England can't turn over and Indian C team in home conditions after getting the grounds men to doctor the pitch (Flower apparently ordered grass left on the pitch at the Oval and Lords) What hope for England against a full strengthIndian side in the dust bowls of India ?

  • Najim on September 12, 2011, 11:35 GMT

    friends Munaf Bowling was better than RP , we lost this match becuase of RP droped Bopara and gave 4 runs..it will be a lesson for Dhoni to keeping his close friend in the team in place of our pace bowler Varun Aaron !!

  • ashwin on September 12, 2011, 11:14 GMT

    The only reason England won/drew last three matches were because they kept on winning the toss and India had to bat in the worst conditions possible.Let's toss for the first match (ODIs or Test Matches) and alternate for the rest of the series.The toss should not decide the match.

  • Dummy4 on September 12, 2011, 9:47 GMT

    Chris Ward you cannot compare India to SL. who were playing a full strength side. I think a full strength Indian side will turn over both England and Australia in home conditions with something to spare. It has been a catalogue of injuries and bad luck that has sapped the moral of this Indian team which happens sometime on a long tour. Lets face it England has had the rub of the green and the best of the home conditions not to mention helped by a certain gentleman call Ersamus. On a sunny day at Lords India showed what they are capable off. Having said that It is time for the Indian selectors to trim some excessive fat as well as warn the Shewags, Gambhirs, Yuvrajas and Harbajans of this world that it is time to pull the finger out or bite the bullet.

  • Allan on September 12, 2011, 9:25 GMT

    If people like Dravid_Gravitas cannot grasp the simple truth and/or be humble enough to admit it and yet still returns with more feeble excuses and predictions that get more and more unlikely every day, then what hope is there for the BCCI to address the issues in India?

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