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Alan Mullally cups his face in his hand


Mullally's rally

In his mum's little house in Perth, a former England bowler recovers from troubled times and tells his tales

Ed Kemp

Alan Mullally is bowled by Damien Fleming for a duck

Games within a game?

Farcical bowling, the helmet fielder, chess interruptions, batting for pints - ten instances of when matches weren't cricket

Simon Lister

August 2007

The Jack of all rabbits

Tail-end Charlies are not what they were. The old England No.11 is an endangered species. Simon Lister marks the passing of an institution with a knock-out for eight of the worst. And the worst of the lot is...

Stern Words

Hindsight TV

There's a newish sports TV channel around specialising in nostalgia of the highest order. I won't reveal its name in case I'm accused of shameless plugging but I believe it may advertise its wares elsewhere on this website. It should be called Hindsight T

Cricinfo staff

Injuries force former England seamer to quit

Mullally announces retirement

Alan Mullally, the former England left-arm seamer, has announced his retirement from first-class cricket