England v West Indies, World T20 2016 final, Kolkata April 3, 2016

'This is for Shane Warne' - Samuels

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Marlon Samuels was among the West Indies players to make a point after the match © Getty Images/ICC

Following an extraordinary World T20 final, Marlon Samuels was named Man of the Match for the second time in four years after his unbeaten 85 off 66 balls kept West Indies in their chase after a poor start and gave Carlos Brathwaite the chance for his astonishing finish.

As the emotions flowed for West Indies, Samuels made reference to recent comments from Shane Warne in the commentary box after his dismissal against India in the semi-final which reignited a feud between them - the pair had an infamous run-in during the Big Bash in 2013 - and said he always had confidence in himself to produce another key performance in a final.

"I woke up this morning with one thing on my mind. Shane Warne has been talking continuously and all I want to say is 'this is for Shane Warne'. I answer with the bat, not the mic.

"In the practice against Australia I sat in the same seat and made a first-ball duck, so I said I'd go back in the same seat I'd do something special. I don't worry about semi-finals because when it comes to finals I always turn up and do well for the team. I grew up watching England cricket so all respect to the England players, we are champions again and want to continue to move from strength-to-strength. This is a win for the Caribbean. It means a lot. I didn't have much to say to Carlos, but told him to swing hard."

Brathwaite himself was keen to heap praise on Samuels' innings.

"It's us against the world and someone needed to take responsibility. And today Marlon Samuels after a slow start took responsibility and played a fantastic knock. That was amazing man, I wish I could use some expletives on TV to really express how much of a top knock that was. He did it in 2012, and I knew if Samuels was there in the end, he'll bring us home in 2016 … it was a matter of when and not if."

Curtly Ambrose, West Indies' bowling coach, said the team always had the belief that as long as the target was mathematically possible they could chase it.

"We are that kind of team, we believe that we can chase down any target because we got some real firepower and it showed throughout this tournament. We have the self-belief, that it doesn't matter how many we have to chase, I mean if it 40 it is out of the question, but anything under 30, we believe we can always get it. We wanted to create history, we won the Under-19, the ladies won theirs and now this. We created history and we're really enjoying it. Yes, yes I have sympathy for the bowlers these days, but on this occasion, no!"

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  •   Mg Gm on April 5, 2016, 20:41 GMT

    For Shane Warne, please score like this in Tests and One dayers and bring back WI glory.

  • McVan on April 5, 2016, 18:34 GMT

    @Mustafa2014.....obviously you have scant regards for the fact otherwise you would have mentioned that samuels threw his bat up and along the length of the pitch and not "at shane warne". also, it was warne who deliberatel threw the ball and hit samuels on his elbow that cause samuels' reaction. the only way you will stop defending crass behavior is to go back and look at the youtube videos out there that show the incident in its entirety because others have seen the incident live and many others have seen the same videos you saw.

  • Steve on April 5, 2016, 13:45 GMT

    Obviously, modesty and levelheadedness is not part of Samuels's character. He already did his talking with his bat, as he says himself, then why talk all that non-sense at all? He only needs to go back to last Aussie tour to see how badly he performed and supported his young test captain. I was completely surprised when he was selected for the T20 WC XI when the other T20 superstars returned.

  • Muhammad Ammar on April 5, 2016, 8:50 GMT

    Disputed thoughts and disputed talks! Don't bring disputes to cricket. It's yellow journalism. Let's talk about the tactics WI used to win the tournament. Let's discuss which tactics caused Eng to fail. Simply stating WI had all all rounders. Everybody was given license to kill by captain and seniors. Eng were a few all rounders short, so only a few players had license to kill.

  • Ross on April 5, 2016, 3:43 GMT

    Instead of talking about a wonderful Windies win, here we are talking about another petulant display from Marlon. Feet up on the table slagging off the one of the game greats for having a opinion (the same one that is held by many people mind you) is not a good look. What an embarrassing example he is setting to the younger players on the team.

  • Mustafa on April 5, 2016, 0:45 GMT

    Hmmm....I thought Warne was the bully until I saw the footage of Samuels grabbing David Hussey(Warne's Big Bash teammate) by the sweater while he tried to take a run, and then when he was batting, throwing his bat at Warne after Warne had got on him about this incident. No doubt Warne was swearing at him....but swear back, snarl, do whatever....don't throw your bat. Samuels is not the angel he makes himself out to be. But a magical win, a superb innings, windies well deserved champs.

  • McVan on April 4, 2016, 20:31 GMT

    the reaction marlon samuels managed to bring out in some of the comments here is typical of what happens in many a schoolyard and playground. when the bully is plying his trade terrorizing the kids nobody bats an eyelid but the moment one fedup teenager or parent steps in and give the bully a bloody nose all the morality policemen and policewomen spring into action.

  •   Alla P. Gregory on April 4, 2016, 18:27 GMT

    Awesome display! When going gets tough, then the tough gets going! #WIAllInIt! @windiescricket

  • Master on April 4, 2016, 14:34 GMT

    For someone who let's his bat do the talking Mr Samuels is never shy of a quote. He is the complete opposite of the golden generation of Windies. What's a couple of fifties in T20 compared to the records of statesmen who won everything for 20 years and barely said a word while doing it. These modern Windpipes remind me of disrespectful sulky teenagers unwilling to do the hard yards. Think that's harsh? Check out Samuels record. Its very very average. Rather like the two shots that Gayle played yesterday or the ridiculous Mr Bravo who can't bat or bowl.

  • Rudy on April 4, 2016, 12:09 GMT

    You can always count on Marlon Samuels to perform in a final and also make some stupid comments. "I don't answer with the mic" Oh really Marlon. What were you speaking into when you said that? Why is there this personality trait among W.I. players? Would Marlon have said anything if he had lost? He was just waiting for an opportunity. Small minded maybe? During his batting Shane Warne was actually praising Samuels. It should not matter what went before. People are entitled to their opinions. You are not the first to be criticized and you will not be the last.

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