India v West Indies, 2nd Test, Mumbai, 3rd day November 16, 2013

'We've been taught a lesson' - Sammy

N Hunter

Darren Sammy has admitted that West Indies were exposed completely by the 2-0 defeat against India after three-day defeats in both Kolkata and Mumbai. Sammy admitted West Indies learned a "lesson" but said that his team was better than the result would indicate.

"Yes, it's very disappointing. We never turned up in the series," Sammy said. "We left the Caribbean at the back of six Test victories, against Bangladesh, New Zealand and Zimbabwe. Coming here really taught us a lesson, exposed us, taught us how far we are behind the top four teams in the world. We've just not turned up."

Sammy said West Indies were aware about how cricket would be secondary in the series that was Sachin Tendulkar's farewell to cricket. But in the end they ended being too benevolent to India, Sammy felt.

"I was speaking to a good friend of mine and he summed it up very well. He said we knew you were coming here to a celebration, and (hope) you got a lot of gifts. That's what we did. Rohit making his debut Test series, gifts - two hundreds. Mohammed Shami making his debut, gifts - lots of wickets. We just didn't turn up.

"And I personally have been very disappointed, not just for me but for the team as well. It's a good lesson for us, as we head down to New Zealand, for our next Test series, we've got to bounce back and come back strongly," he said.

However much honest Sammy can be, West Indies have a lot of areas to improve on. The maximum West Indies lasted across their four innings was 78 overs; In their second innings in Mumbai they failed to last even 50 overs. Only Marlon Samuels and Denesh Ramdin managed to hit half-centuries. Kemar Roach's shoulder injury at the outset of the series exposed the bowling completely as Tino Best, despite his honest toil, remained inconsistent and Rohit Sharma extracted maximum advantage of the Barbadian's wayward bowling by picking easy runs.

The only bright spark was offspinner Shane Shillingford, who finished as joint second-highest wicket-taker (11) in the series. Unfortunately for him, he did not have any partner who could multiply the pressure he was trying to create and that allowed India an easy escape route many times.

"We won six Test matches against teams we were ranked higher than," Sammy said. "Now we play against team that are ranked higher than us, it was an opportunity to showcase what we have. What we displayed over the last two Test matches, or over six days, we're much better than that. If you look at the way we played, every time we've been under pressure, we've not responded well."

In his post-mortem of the defeat in Kolkata, Sammy had pointed West Indies were defeated in the mind. Today he once again cited the same reason. "I guess it's is a mental thing. Myself as captain has not led from the front at all in this series. We deserve all the criticism that and the comments that have been thrown at us," Sammy said.

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  • raj on November 21, 2013, 0:05 GMT

    I feel for Sammy - He is a real gentleman and of good character. He is not a gifted cricketer (as far as the highest levels are concerned) but he is an honest trier. I would say he is a good leader because it is a very difficult task to lead a team and have the teams respect when there is doubt of your own place in the side. The problem is compounded when the team itself is weak and failing to get results. As long as Sammy is in the WI side, he should remain captain.

  • Rohit on November 18, 2013, 9:45 GMT

    There are many WI supporters here who feel D Sammy should exit and T Best, C Gayle, M Samuels and S Chanderpaul should stay. D Sammy as a captain should have lead from the front?? or the senior pros? ask yourself? When we (India) lost miserably in England and Australia and England beat us in India itself who is responsible MS Dhoni as a captain? or Sehwag, Gambhir, Dravid, Tendulkar, Zaheer, Laxman? Do these guys need inspiration/pep talk/leading from front from coach (D Fletcher) or captain after tons of experience?? Look at the personality of MS Dhoni or a D Sammy and you can see why they are captain material? It has nothing to do directly with performances, every single time. In fact, Shillingford and Powell in his return showed more intent than others.

  • cool on November 18, 2013, 8:15 GMT

    I RESPECT SAMMY for one reason that He didnt show EMOTIONS after dismissing the master,,, had it been any other player like Tino or Shillingford they would have made a mockery of the situation.No wonder this guy is the captain of WI..Many are asking for him to be replaced by Ramdin, have every one forgotten what that guy did to Viv, in ENG when he got 100,Is that the way future captain behaves????? Any team would succumb to the pressure created by In crowd in these retirement tests,well not may be by 3rd day but, sure the result would have favored Ind, be it Eng/SA, that Sachin & Ind crowd for you.Sammy would turn against NZ & WI would win that series...Good luck

  • Hildreth on November 18, 2013, 6:49 GMT

    Cont'd recommendations to Dave CAMERON(President of WICB). C. Ask Sammy to submit his RESIGNATION as captain of TEST team immediately (His leadership, tactics such as setting fields and his own performance as bowler or batsman was clearly deficient in this series. Sammy must be THANKED by WICB for taking over the reins of the team in all formats at short notice and quite frankly giving his best as leader and player. The HIGHLIGHTS of his captaincy includes winning the 20/20 WC and 6 consecutive test victories. However these victories were against teams ranked lower while Windies struggled even to draw matches vs higher ranked teams. The ODI results were no better Windies being humiliated by Bangladesh and Pakistan at home. Dinesh RAMDIN is the logical choice to captain WI TEST & ODI teams at this point and in time for the New Zealand series. He has been vice capt of Windies test team for quite sometime and also served as v/c and capt in other formats. Has led T&T in all formats).contd

  • Aykroyd on November 18, 2013, 3:40 GMT

    As an avid fan of the WI, I am not only disappointed with their overall performance but more importantly,the lack of Pride with which they displayed temperament in their batting.

    Test matches are designed to test ones true skill and aptitude of the game over the course of 5 days. If the Test is completed within 3 days and you are on the losing end, then it's miserable failure. If the another Test occurs and the results are the same, then one can conclude that we are either not prepared or Lack Skills and aptitude for Tests.

    After being beaten in the first test in under four(4) days after batting First, one would think that a greater effort would be made in managing each session along with working the singles off the bowling attack. Since batting is our strength; and has been for over 15 years, each of our specialized batsmen along with the bowlers should put more value to their time at the crease than what has been displayed during most if not all of our test matches.


  • Dummy4 on November 18, 2013, 2:22 GMT

    Criticism everywhere of Sammy. Justified? Not in my mind. First find out why Sammy was given that role and very importantly, what was and is the state of W.I. cricket, immediately preceding and during his tenure. Let's go back a bit. Remember the disarray within the WICBC. Again, remember the poisonous atmosphere which existed within the board. And the board and players/players union. All the negative vibes resonated; poor attitudes of senior players, territorial demands for their home players, the under development of cricket in the Caribbean etc. And don't forget, lack of funds. W.I. had to find a way to survive against the turmoil. Someone with leadership qualities, with peoples' skills and can play cricket had to be identified. Sammy, with his public speaking abilities, his fair mindedness and honesty, filled the void. Agreed, performance with bat and ball has been lean. But other aspects of his job are good. When WI find able and keen candidates, Sammy will exit, a success.

  • Bludging on November 17, 2013, 23:21 GMT

    Saw some of the West Indian batting during this series. A lot of basic errors were committed by the batsmen. Bats need to minimise their risky shot taking for beginners. It looks great when you get away with it, but you look foolish when you get out to silly shots. If I were someone like a Gayle, I would cut back on the pull shots and aerial shots. If he just hit along the ground, the bowlers would struggle to remove him.

    On the bowling front, bowlers need to concentrate on the basics as well. Bowling to good line and length and minimising wayward balls. This is a gift to opposition batsmen on flat tracks. Bowlers need to plan ahead of what they intend to bowl to batsmen.

    West Indies have potential and talent but they lack concentration, discipline and anything that resembles a plan. Sounds simple on the surface, but to instill this in a team that is all over the place is nigh on impossible I feel. You need to do this in junior ranks before they even get to island level.

  • Dummy4 on November 17, 2013, 19:54 GMT

    a major stat that help expand the gap between both teams is that India were almost 2x as likely to get a single off any given ball than West Indies 13% of balls windies faced went for singles vs 24 or so for India. that's a significant difference. not making singles helps build pressure as the bowler gets kicks from racking up dot balls while the batsman feels the need to try and manufacture shots as he feels tied down. it also makes it easier for the bowler to build rhythm & plan his bowling if he is bowling to the same batsman for prolonged periods. along with not rotating the strike when we were batting Indian batsmen who fed a proliferation of bad balls which were duly dispatched 2 score boundaries.

  • Hildreth on November 17, 2013, 19:44 GMT

    VERY POOR & EMBARASSING PERFORMANCE by West Indies; ranks among the worst I've seen of the team. MR. DAVE CAMERON replaced Mr. Hunte as PRESIDENT of WICB. What I'd like to know from Mr. Cameron: Did he ran for president just to wear a TITLE or did he intend to make SIGNIFICANT CHANGES and/or ADJUSTMENTS with a view for progress and improvement in West Indies cricket ? If it was not to do the latter then he shouldn't have ran. This is critical because there is need for FUNDAMENTAL changes in WI cricket right now. You don't have to figure them out because the bloggers on this website have correctly identified most of the changes that are needed. For your convenience here are few of the more important: A. Replace current PANEL OF SELECTORS(simply don't appear to have a clue how to select the best team to represent WI); B. Replace current HEAD COACH(the batsmen and bowlers are repeating the same mistakes and are regressing in performance; man-mgt & tactical skills a big concern).contd

  • Dummy4 on November 17, 2013, 18:12 GMT

    whatever Sammy may say he has utterly failed as Captain and as a team man - if the WI had gone down fighting valiantly in either of the tests no one would have blamed them - but the way they played arrogant cricket - including Sammy - they deserved to lose - luck only favours the brave - and every Captain/Coach whenever they tour India speak a lot and Otis Gibson was no exception - Gibson must be eating his words of spoiling sachin's farewell series - WI was dumped and dusted inside three days - they are bring shame to the old WI team - defeat and victory are two faces of the coin but the way WI batted, bowled and fielded - any league team in our country would have been victorious over them - this is not the way they shoudl have played particularly when Sachin was present - it is a shame they did not learnfrom him how to bat or bowl - no use in uttering did not play well - Sammy and Gibson should sit in isolation and contemplate taking a break on moral grounds of letting the team down

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