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India vs West Indies, 2nd Test at Mumbai, Nov 14 2013, West Indies tour of India

2nd Test, Wankhede, November 14 - 16, 2013, West Indies tour of India
182 & 187

India won by an innings and 126 runs

Player Of The Match
5/40 & 5/49
Player Of The Series
288 runs
Match centre 
Scores: Binoy George | Comms: Kanishkaa Balachandran
Scorecard summary
West Indies 182/10(55.2 overs)
5/40 (11.2)
India 495/10(108 overs)
West Indies 187/10(47 overs)
end of over 472 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 187/10CRR: 3.97 
Denesh Ramdin53 (68b 8x4 1x6)
Mohammed Shami 7-0-28-1
Pragyan Ojha 18-6-49-5

Presentation, 12.10pm: Shastri announces a train-length of guests. This will take the whole night guys.

Pragyan Ojha is the Man of the Match: "One of my favourite pitches. I keep it very simple and enjoy myself. Ashwin and others did a great job, a special Test and this is for Sachin paaji."

Rohit Sharma is the Man of the Series: "Wanted to continue my good form. I always love playing at Wankhede. Lot of hype around the Test but I'm happy with what we've achieved. We wanted to get a good lead. I would like to thank Shami as well, without him I would't have reached a century. It's a good start to my Test career."

Sachin Tendulkar gets a special trophy from Uday Shankar, the head of Star India.

Sachin gets another trophy, presented by the Sri Lankan government.

The Maharashtra police give Sachin another special gift!

Sammy: "Very disappointed. We came here hoping to play ,much better. From the West Indies team and people back home, we wish Sachin all the best. The fans in India have set the benchmark on how we should celebrate a hero. It's a reality check after winning six Tests, India really showed us how to play Test cricket. our batsmen should take a leaf out of Rohit's book, the way he batted with the No.11. We have to believe in ourselves."

Dhoni: "It's a complete performance. We were under pressure in the 1st Test. There was not much for the spinners in Kolkata, Shami was brilliant, you want those performances to boost the morale. The lower order clicked. It's the biggest match in cricketing history. Thanks to Sachin for being such a role model. The way he led his life, there's plenty to learn for all of us."

Tendulkar gets the mic finally! Here goes: "Friends please settle down, I'll get more emotional! It's hard to believe my wonderful journey is coming to an end. I've a list of names to thank. The first is my father, who passed away in 1999. Without his guidance I wouldn't be standing in front of you. he said 'chase your dreams, don't give up, the path will be difficult.' I miss him today. My mom, I don't know how she managed a naughty child like me. She just prayed and prayed from the day I started playing the game. For four years I stayed with my uncle and aunt when in school, they treated me like their own son. My eldest brother Nitin doesn't like to talk ,much but he said, whatever you do, I know you will give 100%. My first cricket bat was presented to me by my sister Savita. She still continues to fast while I bat. Ajit my brother - We have lived this dream together, he sacrificed his career for me, he took me to Achrekar sir first. Even last night he called me to discuss my dismissal. Even when I'm not playing we will still be discussing technique. If that hadn't happened, I would have been a lesser cricketer.

"The most beautiful thing happened to me when I met Anjali in 1990. I know that being a doctor there was a big career in front of her. But she decided that I should continue playing and she took care of the children. Thanks for bearing with me for all the nonsense I've said (Anjali wipes tears). Then the two precious diamonds of my life Sara and Arjun. I've missed out on several birthdays, holidays. I know for 14-16 years I've not spent enough time with you. But I promise you I will spend the next 16.

"My inlaws - I've discussed several things with them. The most important thing they did was allow me to marry Anjali. In the last 24 years my friends have made terrific contributions. They have been with me while I was stressed. They have been with me even at 3am when I was injured. Thanks for being there for me.

"My career started when I was 11. I was extremely delighted to see Achrekar sir in the stands. I used to ride on his scooter and play two matches a day. Sir took me along to make sure I played. On a lighter note, Sir never said 'well played' because he didn't want me to be complacent. You can push your luck now, Sir, since I'm not playing cricket anymore.

"I started my career here in Mumbai. I remember landing from NZ at 4am and playing a Ranji game the next day. The BCCI was fantastic from my debut. Thanks to the selectors. You were right with me making sure I was well taken care of.

"Thanks to all the senior cricketers who have played with me. We see on the screen Rahul, VVS, Sourav, Anil who is not here. All the coaches. I know when MS presented the 200th Test cap, I had a message to the team - I said we are all so proud to be representing the nation. I hope to continue to serve the nation with dignity. I have full faith that you will serve the country in the right spirit.

I will be failing in my duty if I didn't thank the doctors who have kept me fit. Given the injuries I have suffered. They have treated me in odd hours.

My dear friend the late Mark Mascarenhas. I miss him. My current management team WSG, for continuing what Mark has done. Someone who has worked closely with me for 14 years is my friend Vinod Nayudu.

"The media has backed me a lot, since my school days. Even today. Thank you. Thanks to the photographers for capturing those moments.

"I know my speech has become long. I want to thank people who have flown in from different parts of the world. I want to thank my fans from the bottom of my heart. "Sachin, Sachin" will reverberate in my ears till I stop breathing." (Followed by loud cheers).

The crowd wants more. Sachin has handed back the mic. We haven't seen the last of him here surely.

Sudhir Kumar Gautam, by far his biggest fan, waves the tri-colour. Sachin may not have mentioned his name, but he holds a special place in his heart, you can be sure.

Sachin gets together for a huddle with his family. I'm sure he is preparing for a lap of honour around Wankhede.

And the walk start. Sachin waves the tricolour, his wife and kids next to him and his team-mates behind. It's a leisurely walk but the photographers are clamoring in front of him. It's an army.

Now the special moment. Kohli and Dhoni haul him up on their shoulders! He continues to wave the flag. Memories of April 2, 2011, when India lifted the World Cup right here at the Wankhede.

The entourage slowly complete the lap. The chants of "Saachiin Saachiin" will never cease.

The lap's done. Sachin's back on his feet. People surround him. If you look closely, somewhere in the middle you might spot him. Small in stature maybe, but he has the cricket world at his feet now.

He walks across to the pitch in solitude and bends and touches it, one last time. Anjali said in an interview earlier today that she had never actually seen him do it before until his last Ranji game. He has done it now at the Wankhede, his nursery, for a worldwide television audience and the capacity crowd here at the stadium.

The great man walks up the stairs of the pavilion. Thank you for the memories, Sachin!

dhirajSRT: "I have never seen a cricketer touching the pitch or the ground on his retirement, this simply personifies how down to earth this man is !!"

Note - The full text of Sachin's farewell speech will be available on our site soon. My colleague is transcribing it.

1.05pm: So that concludes our coverage of the Tests. Life After Sachin officially begins now. The first of three ODIs begins on the 21st.

Thanks everyone for your company through this series. It was hopelessly one-sided, lasted under 6 days. A perfect farewell gift. We've had feedback poring in by the hundreds. Thanks for writing in.

We're signing off now. There's plenty of reading material to look forward to in the next few hours, plus Match Point with Manjrekar and Agarkar. Cheers!

12.05: Tendulkar comes down for the presentation with wife Anjali, daughter Sara and son Arjun. The rest of his team-mates follow. Sachin waves

Plenty of tributes coming in. Can't publish them all of course. We're waiting for the presentation and expectedly, this will be a long one, possibly longer than the duration of play today, jokes my colleague Anuj.

Balaji: "As Sachin climbed up the stairs, I couldnt help but shedding tears, as I chanted "Sachin.. Sachin.." down here in Chennai. I turned around to see my dad in his sixties, sheddin more tears. This guy can freeze time and generations, crash cricketing records, melt a billion hearts, yet stay so humble. God will be proud to be associated with this man"

Kishan Saini: "Its time for all the sentiments, it seems that we have lost everything in cricket. Never seen these emotional moments ever in any sport. Billions of people are sobbing from inside. Its the time for big salute to a small but a big MAN."

Abhijit Sakhare: "I don't know what type of feeing is this. When I saw Sachin being bowled by Tanvir in Champions league t20, I just felt ' I don't want to watch him bat like this. Instead he should retire.' But today when it is all over, I am just feeling this day should have never arrived. Thank you Sachin."

11.45 pm approx: And immediately the camera pans to Sachin who jogs across for the handshakes. The Indians form two groups on either side of him as a guard of honour! His head is bowed and he covers his face under that sun hat. He may well be in tears! No holding back in what's an emotional moment not just for him but for everyone around. He jogs up the steps and his team-mates follow. Before heading upstairs he turned around and waved to all sections of the crowd, stump in hand.

So his final day of Test cricket comes exactly 24 years and one day since he was handed his international cap, in November 15, 1989. He took guard as a Test batsman for the first time a day later, on November 16 in Karachi.

As Harsha Bhogle just said, it was a "mobile guard of honour" with the Indian players on either side jogging sideways and clapping. A solemn moment.

It would have been the perfect script had Sachin got that final wicket, but I'm sure he wouldn't have minded. India had pinned West Indies down. But Sachin did score a half-century in his final innings and a very fluent one. India have won by an innings and 126 runs inside three days. Perfect farewell? You bet.

Rishabh: "Dont know why but tears are coming i the only one?"

Kamal: "@Rishabh: I'm with you mate!!!"

Ramesh: "Sachin has retired after 24 years. I have worked for 22 years and another 20 years to go for me to retire! I will not be able to accumulate a decimal fraction of what Sachin has earned both in terms of money and respect. That's the scale. Salutations Sachin! Enjoy your life."

Dileep Premachandran tweets: "Usually, the stands empty out in seconds. Few ever bother about the presentation. I don't think a single soul has left today."

So here are the figures - 200 Tests, 329 innings, 15,921 runs, 51 centuries, 68 fifties. Beat that? Forget it. This is set in stone.

Shami to Gabriel, OUT

the middle stump is flattened! Shami gets him with the swing he's known for! This was full and Gabriel was pushing forward, breaches his defense and the middle stump lands a couple of yards back

Shannon Gabriel b Mohammed Shami 0 (7b 0x4 0x6 12m) SR: 0
Shami to Gabriel, no run

this was short of a length and he stays right back at the crease and defends

Shami to Gabriel, no run

brings it back in and makes him play and he just about manages to play

Shami has two leg slips and no conventional slips!

Shami to Gabriel, no run

appeal for an lbw and that may have hit him too high, and an inside edge as well

Shami to Ramdin, 1 run

Ramdin opens the face of the bat and angles it to third man

Shami to Gabriel, 1 leg bye

tell you what that was close! A swinging yorker on the boots and he clipped it off his shoe to fine leg, too much reverse so maybe not that close

Sachin still with his sun-hat on. Will Dhoni make Sachin the captain like he did for Sourav in his last Test?

end of over 46Maiden
WI: 185/9CRR: 4.02 
Denesh Ramdin52 (67b 8x4 1x6)
Shannon Gabriel0 (2b)
Pragyan Ojha 18-6-49-5
Ravichandran Ashwin 17-4-89-4
Ojha to Ramdin, no run

almost! This was shorter and Ramdin looked to cut and he nearly edged it to Dhoni

Ojha to Ramdin, no run

pushed through quicker and he gets forward and defends

Ojha to Ramdin, no run

safely defended again by Ramdin

men around the bat

Ojha to Ramdin, no run

hits on the pads outside the line of leg, polite enquiry follows

Ojha to Ramdin, no run

commits forward and smothers the turn

Ojha to Ramdin, no run

tossed up and Ramdin plonks forward and defends

This is an extended session. And no Sachin yet folks, no time for emotions, Ojha will continue

end of over 455 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 185/9CRR: 4.11 
Shannon Gabriel0 (2b)
Denesh Ramdin52 (61b 8x4 1x6)
Ravichandran Ashwin 17-4-89-4
Pragyan Ojha 17-5-49-5
Ashwin to Gabriel, no run

safely negotiated! Gabriel well forward to defend, no fuss

Ashwin to Gabriel, no run

well Gabriel does well to get forward and defend this one!

If nothing dramatic happens in the next two balls, Dhoni may well toss the ball back to Sachin the next over

Ashwin to Shilling, OUT

lbw off the sweep! 9 down now, tossed up and he gets down to sweep, played too early, struck on the thigh, plumb and an easy decision

Shane Shillingford lbw b Ashwin 8 (17b 2x4 0x6 16m) SR: 47.05
Ashwin to Shilling, no run

alarming bounce there! Beats him and Dhoni had to leap to collect it

Ashwin to Ramdin, 1 run

he comes forward and drives wide of cover

Ashwin to Ramdin, FOUR runs

Ramdin motors along quietly, this was bowled outside off and full and he drives him just wide of mid-off to bring up his fifty, hardly noticed though

Ashwin bowls

end of over 445 runs
WI: 180/8CRR: 4.09 
Shane Shillingford8 (15b 2x4)
Denesh Ramdin47 (59b 7x4 1x6)
Pragyan Ojha 17-5-49-5
Sachin Tendulkar 2-0-8-0

Arun Sudarsan: "I don't know if anyone noticed the uncanny similarity between the final dismissals of Ponting and Sachin. Both players tried to cut a spinner, edging it to first slip, where the fielders took a sharp catch. Perhaps great men are united in more ways than we think."

Ojha to Shilling, no run

gives it a lot more air, Shane's not tempted into the big shot, happier defending

Ojha to Shilling, no run

tossed up and he thrusts forward and leaves it alone

Best performances - batters
Spike Graph
Wagon Zone
CA Pujara
113 runs (167)
12 fours0 six
Productive shot
leg glance
35 runs
1 four0 six
RG Sharma
111 runs (127)
11 fours3 sixes
Productive shot
cut shot on back foot
26 runs
5 fours0 six
Best performances - bowlers
PP Ojha
PP Ojha
Match details
Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai
TossIndia, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Player Of The Series
Series resultIndia won the 2-match series 2-0
Match numberTest no. 2102
Hours of play (local time)09.30 start, Lunch 11.30-12.10, Tea 14.10-14.30, Close 16.30
Match days14,15,16 November 2013 - day (5-day match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
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