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Kapil Dev likely to miss out on BCCI's benefit payment


Kapil Dev appears to have been left out of the list of former cricketers due to receive the one-time monetary benefit announced by the BCCI for former national and domestic cricketers who retired before the 2003-04 season. While Kapil told ESPNcricinfo he wasn't aware of whether he was on the list or not, the BCCI was not willing to comment or confirm either way.

A report in Tuesday's Indian Express quoted a senior unnamed official as saying that Kapil had been excluded because he had not accepted the amnesty offered by the BCCI following his involvement in the ICL - the now-defunct Twenty20 league that was not recognised by the ICC or the Indian board. "Kapil didn't turn up when the BCCI offered amnesty. He has also not been receiving his pension as he was part of the ICL. We have not considered his name," a senior BCCI official was quoted as telling the paper.

When asked if he and the BCCI were in touch about the payment, Kapil said "no" and that he "didn't know" if he was on the BCCI's list of those who would receive its largesse, totalling Rs 70 crore (US $12.7 million approx), taken from the profits of the IPL 2012 playoffs. Kapil, India's 1983 World Cup-winning captain, would be eligible for a benefit of Rs 1.5 crore ($280,000 approx).

The BCCI's chief administrative officer Ratnakar Shetty told ESPNcricinfo he "didn't want to speak on the matter". The board's media manager, Devendra Prabhudesai, said the full list was with the board president's office; however, no one in that office was available for comment. It is understood, however, that Kapil's name is not on the list.

In April 2009, the BCCI offered amnesty to Indian players and officials involved with the ICL, giving them an opportunity to return to official cricket - from which they had been banned - if they terminated their contracts with the league within a stipulated deadline. Kapil, who was the ICL chairman at the time, said on Tuesday that he had not heard from the board about the amnesty. "I haven't heard anything from them [BCCI]," Kapil said when asked why he didn't take the ICL amnesty. "They haven't told me anything."

The BCCI hasn't released a full list of players due to receive the payments, only a list of some of them invited to the IPL playoffs where they'll be awarded their cheques; the others, the BCCI said in a release, would be sent their cheques. Kapil's name didn't feature in the list of invitees to the playoffs. The BCCI's one-time payment scheme stands to benefit around 160 cricketers.

Other prominent players* missing from the list include Dilip Vengsarkar, Syed Kirmani, Gundappa Viswanath and Mohinder Amarnath. Of the four, only Vengsarkar has played over 100 Tests. Shetty said the four players were ineligible because they were already given benefit ODI matches in the past, where all the match proceeds go to the said player.

"This is a one-time benefit that is being extended to players in lieu of benefit matches that players with 100 or more Tests (or an equivalent number taking ODIs into account)," Shetty told Times of India.

"Those four players had been awarded ODIs as benefits but for some years now we have been unable to do so for a variety of reasons. Hence the president (N Srinivasan) suggested that we extend this one-time benefit to eligible players. He further suggested that we extend the same to those who have played less then 100 Tests and to first-class cricketers who have played long for their states."

There is reportedly uncertainty surrounding Kirti Azad, the former India allrounder who was part of the World Cup squad in 1983. Last week, Azad went on a hunger strike outside Delhi's Feroz Shah Kotla to protest the IPL, following its recent off-field controversies.

"I have not received any intimation from the BCCI so far. Neither has anyone contacted me," Azad told PTI. "The question of acceptance or refusal of payment arises only when they get in touch me. But if they think that they can stop me from raising my voice by doing that, then they are wrong."

* - 0730GMT, May 23, 2012 - The story was updated to include the position of other former players

Siddhartha Talya is a sub editor at ESPNcricinfo

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  • omkar on May 24, 2012, 14:00 GMT

    Good move BCCI to honour ex-cricketers. Hope other Boardsfollow suit.

  • Dummy4 on May 24, 2012, 10:31 GMT

    no question of pardon. Kapil did not do anything wrong. BCCI was not coming out with IPL so he started a leauge. In fact had it not been for ICL , IPL would never have seen light of the day.

    BCCI should apologise to Kapil for bad behaviour.

    Otherwise, Zee TV should organise a and collect 2 crores for Kapil. Everyone will contribute. The whole nation.

  • Dummy4 on May 24, 2012, 9:59 GMT

    What a shame!!! BCCI is definitely Cricket CONTROL board of India.. I am sure Kapil doesnt need that money...

  • Joseph on May 24, 2012, 7:47 GMT

    It's indeed very sad that Kapil Dev is out of favour with BCCI.Indeed Kapil Dev should get double the benefit as it is he alone who changed the face of Indian Cricket. If not for anything else his innings of 175 Not Out in the 1983 World Cup match against Zimbabwe alone deserves this Benefit. It's actually Kapil's great and innovative cricketing ideas that have been smuggled to create the IPL . The Fact is that Kapil Dev is a simple , humble and 100 % honest person whose love for the game can NEVER be questioned. Is the BCCI waiting to give this award posthumously to Romi ! Come on wake up BCCI ,w e are in the new ERA . Yes you have honored many great India Cricketers.But if BCCI leaves out Kapil Dev from this Benefit ,we his fans will be greatly saddened.

  • Rakesh on May 24, 2012, 7:20 GMT

    @cricfanraj - because the said organisation represents cricket in India and has the duty to take care of ex cricketers. This things hapen because it is run by a bunch of politicians. Kapil represented India in the world cup not BCCI. BCCI is not bigger than cricket or India.

  • raj on May 24, 2012, 6:53 GMT

    @Gomzilla .. your comments sound harsh and I don't think there is any rule that we should not have difference of opinion . I'm not talking anything on what BCCI does nor I'm great fan of it . My point was it was a great gesture in this regard as we actually forget about so many cricketers spend their entire life without earning a decent livelihood . This whole process should not be diluted just because Kapil/Gavaskar/Sachin is there or not. . I don't think this will make Kapil's contributions any less. He is definitely one of the finest crickets ever produced by India. Kapil opted to move out of BCCI and be part of competitor for his own reasons and so be it. Why do you expect an organization to go and felicitate its competitor ?

  • Dummy4 on May 24, 2012, 5:18 GMT

    we always forget heroes. BCCI GAINED SO MUCH PROFIT ONLY AFTER THE 1983 WORLD CUP is less known fact. without that world cup BCCI would have been in the same line of srilnakan cricket board.

  • Ganesh on May 24, 2012, 5:15 GMT

    Sad and pathetic! How can our1983 world cup hero be forgotten in BCCI's benefit ? He is one of the most selfless cricketing heroes, India has ever produced. The Legend stands tall with his dignity and honour intact by not expecting any favours from BCCI while on the other hand BCCI's image and credibility is further questoned.Way to go Kapil!

  • Anver on May 24, 2012, 5:13 GMT

    Kapil Dev who deserves this in return of his yeoman services to Ind cricket should be pardoned by BCCI !!!!

  • J on May 23, 2012, 23:58 GMT

    How many of the BCCI members have actually held a cricket bat in their hands? How many have stepped out onto a cricket field with the hopes of million of their countrymen on their shoulders and faced the red cherry hurtling at over 90 mph at them? How many have been hit by a cricket ball? Who will remember the President and members of the BCCI? 60 over limited cricket was the first version of limited over cricket and I still remember the painful crawl by India to 136 for 2 in 60 overs at Lords in the first match against England. In 1983 no one gave an outside chance to India to beat the then World Champions the West Indies with their fearsome battery of fast bowlers like Andy Roberts, Holding, Joel Garner and Colin Croft. On our side we had the friendly medium pace of Amarnath, Balwinder and Madan Lal with Kapil Dev leading the team by sheer drive. And he won the World Cup against all odds which galvanized the entire country. How can the BCCI ignore a hero?

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