India news April 11, 2013

'Sehwag may have played his last game for India' - Boycott

ESPNcricinfo staff

Former England batsman Geoffrey Boycott has said that Virender Sehwag may have played his last game for India. Sehwag was dropped for the last two Tests against Australia earlier this year and was also excluded from the list of 30 probables for the Champions Trophy.

"I don't think he'll play again," Boycott told ESPNcricinfo on the fortnightly show Bowl at Boycs. "I think it's because India have gone the right way. It took a little while to come around to it. They've given youth a chance. After they lost to England, I kept saying you have to give these young batsmen a chance. You have to get them in and you have to build again for the World Cup. I've never changed my view on that. You are world champions in ODIs, you have to move on, and it doesn't matter who you are, I always say, age is not the barrier, it's about performance."

Sehwag has had a poor run of form in the last year. In eight Test matches since April 2012, he scored 408 runs at an average of 31.38, with a highest score of 117. In six ODIs, in the same period, he scored 183 runs at an average of 30.5 and was dropped for the ODI series against England. His last ODI century was the record-breaking double-hundred against the West Indies in December 2011.

Calling Sehwag one of the best batsmen of the last 20 years and praising him for his "effortless strokeplay", Boycott said that the lack of a defensive technique was perhaps his only shortcoming. "He played it his way and, at times, on certain pitches, was highly successful," Boycott said. "But when it comes to the ball moving around and it was a bit more bouncy, his defensive technique was exposed. But trying to tell him and make him play differently, how do you do that? Sehwag has got all his runs playing his way."

He also stressed that it was difficult for a player like Sehwag to change the way he played the game. "His nature, his personality, is a more happy-go-lucky, generous, easy-natured, friendly, affable sort of personality that fits in with the way he batted," Boycott said. "He used to bat freely, with lots of strokes. It's not in his nature to play carefully, steadily. I'm sure people have tried to say, 'Can you play a little more carefully? You are older now, you maybe don't pick the ball up quite as well or quickly, or you've still got lots of talent and use your experience.' You tell everybody all these things but it's very difficult to change people from what they are. And, it's too late now. I think he's just going to play a bit of IPL and then, sadly, fade away."

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  • Al on April 14, 2013, 1:34 GMT

    These days even SIR Ravindra Jadeja can bat better than Sehwag. Plus SIR is a great fielder and a decent spinner. Sehwag is a goner.

  • Jay on April 13, 2013, 4:29 GMT

    @getsetgopk: Just like how your bowlers got DESTROYED by SA early this year. The world saw the measure of your team and players against the best team in the world. Pakistan themselves need to be a decent team first. Right now, they are below average. So first kindly ask your team to improve before preaching to Indian fans about team India.

  • Al on April 13, 2013, 3:50 GMT

    No need to cry over Sehwag - he got more than enough opportunities to regain form. These days he bats like a tailender, even in India. Good job by our Selectors. But they are not finished yet - they still need to replace 10dulkar with a youngster like Tiwary or Rayudu. Not Rohit Sharma again - he had plenty of opportunities. What's the worst thing that can happen in South Africa?? We might get white washed. But didn't we get white washed in Australia and England with all these so called GODs of cricket playing for us????

  • raj on April 13, 2013, 1:18 GMT

    Agree with most of what GB is saying. However, Sehwag, in his prime could play in any condition! His attacking play has succeeded in Aust & SA so he was capable of batting I those swinging, seeming and bouncy pitches.

  • Fahad on April 13, 2013, 0:29 GMT

    @g.narsima dont worry indian team will tour south africa later this year. We will see what your great batsman and bowlers will do there. Trashing of a live time is waiting. Cricinfo please publish

  • Pradeep on April 12, 2013, 15:05 GMT

    I think Boys is right, though i am a great fan of Sehwag I have to admit the fact!!!

  • sam on April 12, 2013, 13:34 GMT

    Sehwag is finished as a test batsman. I said this when he was batting on about 42/43 (he made about 47 I think) in the second innings of the third test against England. He stretched for a forward defensive and got a cramp. While fitness is something which we never associated with Sehwag he was always batting fit (fit enough to play a long innings, like Pujara is, who may be unfit but is always fit for batting long). Sehwag has lost that fitness compounded with eye-sight (which is very important for a hand-eye player like him) it looks the end of his test career. He may play ODIs and T20s though, you never know.

  • Vivek on April 12, 2013, 13:12 GMT

    Overhyped and one dimensional player suited only for subcontinent and low bounce pitches...Too lucky to have surviived 13 years. He is a trend setter though, and the generation that follows him are similar too - Rohit Sharma, Kohli, Raina etc....

  • Sundarraman on April 12, 2013, 11:49 GMT

    I don't think so... He has every chance of a strong comeback... He needs to work on attitude more than his game... Once he does that, no one can stop his return to the top!

  • soumyas on April 12, 2013, 10:08 GMT

    this is IPL time, we r in the middle of it, everyone is talking abt it....So this article abt Sehwag is out of focus...but his IPL performance will be key for his return. by the way where is Boycott ? get him involved in IPL. i know he was against IPL like many other English cricketers. but most of them are following it or part of IPL by now.