The dashing Prince acclaims the Master of Stodge June 27, 2004

Ganguly welcomes Boycott

Wisden Cricinfo staff

Geoff Boycott contemplates the magnitude of his task © Cricinfo

Sourav Ganguly has spoken out enthusiastically in favour of the Indian board's decision to invite Geoffrey Boycott to spend a couple of days giving batting tips to the Indian side. Boycott will spend July 4 and 5 with the national squad in Chennai, during their training camp for the season ahead.

Speaking to the Mumbai newspaper, Mid Day, Ganguly said: "It is a great idea to invite him [Boycott] to help us. Boycott is a great communicator. Our board should be given credit [for inviting him]. They are thinking and moving in the right direction."

Boycott, who has spent a lot of the last few years in the commentary box, wears his fondness for Ganguly on his sleeve, often referring to him as 'The Prince of Calcutta' or even just 'My Prince'. Ganguly reciprocates that affection with respect, and has, in the past, turned to Boycott for help with his batting technique.

"Not only me but everybody in the side will benefit," said Ganguly. "He knows [the] A to Z of cricket so well that whenever I have spoken to him I have benefited. All the current Indian cricketers enjoy a great relationship with him."