Sri Lanka in India 2005-06 October 25, 2005

Baladitya appointed media manager

Cricinfo staff

M Baladitya, a wing commander in the Indian Air Force, was appointed media manager of the Indian team for the one-day international series against Sri Lanka and South Africa. Baladitya had been the co-coordinator of the team during the home series against Pakistan.

SK Nair, the secretary to the Indian board, told reporters, "Baladitya will look after the media interests of both teams, India and Sri Lanka, as the touring side does not have a media manager. If any assistance is required by the Sri Lankan team, he would help them. As no administrative manager of the Indian team has been appointed this time, he will also do his duty, though we have appointed AV Jagatnath as the coordinator". Baladitya and Jagatnath will be travelling with the Indian team for all the one-day internationals. Nair added that, as usual, one local manager for each team will be appointed at every venue.

Speaking to Rediff on whether his appointment would see an end to planned leaks to the media from the dressing room, Baladitya said: "That I cannot say. I will try my best to keep the media informed as much as possible. Even during matches I will move around and keep giving them required information. The basic intention of appointing a media manager is to keep the players away from the distraction of the media".