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Ganguly sees no role with Kolkata

ESPNcricinfo staff

Sourav Ganguly, who failed to attract bids from any of the 10 IPL franchises during the auction on January 8 and 9, has said he wasn't bought for reasons that have nothing to do with cricket, and that he doesn't see a place for himself in the Kolkata Knight Riders set-up.

Kolkata, a team Ganguly led in the first and third seasons of the tournament, had offered him a role within the organisation. "Shah Rukh Khan spoke to me about a possible role as mentor. I don't think Kolkata Knight Riders needs a mentor. I see no role there," Ganguly told Headlines Today. The team already has enough expertise in [Dav] Whatmore and [Wasim] Akram. I wanted to play and not mentor the team. I didn't see myself in the sort of a role [Anil] Kumble has chosen [with Royal Challengers Bangalore]."

The franchise struggled to produce consistent results on the field, and Ganguly said that was because the team suffered from a "confidence problem". "I felt there was panic every time we lost. There was panic among the owners, panic among the players. But you need continuity in a team to deliver, like Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians.

"When we don't win three seasons in a row, there's an opportunity to rebuild. I understand Kolkata felt they deserved better and when they got an opportunity to rebuild the team, they wanted to bring in some fresh faces."

He also expressed disbelief that none of the franchises thought he was worth a place based on his cricketing ability. "I had the runs. Players of my age, [Adam] Gilchrist, [Rahul] Dravid and [VVS] Laxman are still actively involved. I haven't been able to put the finger on the button why I was left out. Cricketing logic and past form suggests I should have been picked. There are several reasons I could have been dropped, but not for cricket."

At the same time, Ganguly rubbished the perception that he comes with baggage and plays politics. "I have played cricket, five years as captain and eight years under different skippers. I have helped in building what the Indian team is today. And this doesn't come by playing politics."

The Kochi franchise did write to the BCCI after the auction to ask if they could sign Ganguly, but some of the other franchises objected to the proposal, and it was shelved, to Ganguly's dismay. "I was very disappointed when the franchises stalled the repurchase. The rules of the IPL have been changed in the past. Every rule in sport should give an opportunity to play, not keep them out. Whether it's Sourav Ganguly today or some other player sometime."

When he is finally done playing the game, Ganguly plans to turn his attention to running it. "I am mentally preparing myself for an administrator's role at some stage. I would love to be part of the Cricket Association of Bengal at some point of my life. I also would love to coach the Indian cricket team as well."

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  • Dummy4 on February 9, 2011, 11:55 GMT

    Common all DADA lovers.....just face it. Theres no doubt that he plays more for himself than the team which might be good at times but very very dangerous for the team future. All other senior players wont demand to be the captain and they will play their own part whether its under a foreign player or a 20 year old kid. However, any team who picks him will have to make him THE CAPTAIN or you cant control him. Who will take that "logic" in the team?

  • dilip on February 8, 2011, 21:36 GMT

    I have a lot of respect for what Ganguly has achieved so far but I cannot understand his insistence on playing IPL. Lets face hard facts without being emotional. 20-20 cricket needs a) athletic fielding b) quick scoring & c) run denying accurate bowling. Ganguly was never a spritely fielder. While batting he took time to settle down before launching into the bowling-something which this abbreviated form does not permit.While his gentle medium pacers would have been effective on responsive wickets, the slow,dead pitches of India would not allow him that luxury.Another factor is his poor running between wickets and rotating of strikes. In the last 3 years that he has played IPL he has not set the Hooghly on fire. As a mentor or as an administrator Ganguly can be very effective as he is fiercely independent and will not allow outside influence to interfere. This is the role Indian cricket lovers require him to play

  • dinesh on February 8, 2011, 18:23 GMT

    gaguly is india tiger these Australian never like him because he installed aggressive behaviour IN THEIR PLAY.thats why they always target ganguly in their writing they will never going to stop it.we indians know they suffers lot on indian team hand when ganguly was the captain so they always target indians.these australian always talk abougt fast bowling the australina are pathetic playrs of spin bowilng.

  • P on February 8, 2011, 16:14 GMT

    It is over, final curtains. Dada shud get one fact straight - twice he was spurned by all ten teams. That says a lot. Lack of cricketing logic label can be affixed on Greg Chappell, Buchanon, BCCI selectors, Dhoni, SRK, but now also Whitmore? To say he wud play cricket for Bengal just to prepare for IPL (any team of IPL, not just KKR; a truly "professional" approach, available to any bidder!) is insulting to Bengal and to cricket. Dada does not any more love cricket, he just loves the money from IPL and endorsements. Well, no one wants him any more in either role of player or brand face. Be it strike rate due to selfish batting, poor captaincy in not utilising well enough class players like Mathews, David Hussey, Langaveldt, not getting enough out of Agarkar, Hodge, Mendis, Sunny Sing, poor grooming of rising stars like Pujara, Unadkat, Abdullah, Mandeep, Harpreet... plus fighting with coaches... how wants such a bag of troubles.

  • Dummy4 on February 8, 2011, 13:17 GMT

    DREAM on ganguly!! the reason u were not brought was simple...ur strike rate will only be useful if the ipl was going to start running 10 day test matches!!

  • Dummy4 on February 8, 2011, 12:16 GMT

    I believe, anyway dada is not in any team, but kochi team atleast tried to take him, so we should feel that DADA is with kochi, and cheer them. But one thing defies logic, why did kochi didnt bid for dada in normal auction, than trying the back door?... i dont understand these owners at all

  • Eshwar Amarnath on February 8, 2011, 11:45 GMT

    Going by Sourav's leadershio skills, he should have taken a dip into CAB administration. Kumble, each and everytime continues to prove that he is a great thinker, and an analyser. Just at the right moment, decided to pull out of the auction pool. He somehow guessed that he will not get the same treatment and respect as a player, hereafter. This will surely, help him to concentrate more on improving the cricket in his state, also make efforts to transform the chinnaswamy stadium. Sourav must get into administration as soon as possible.

  • Samar on February 8, 2011, 11:37 GMT

    Dada do not cry like a child .. its a business and if someone do not want to buy you then the topic is over .. you cannot put emotional pressure of blind Bengali supporters ... I find no reason for you fuss ...this is total black mail by Ganguly.. Ganguly by no means is a T20 player ...

  • Bharat on February 8, 2011, 10:53 GMT

    IPL is sad, there is no logic for Dada to be dropped.I do not understand why Bangalore, Rajasthan and Mumbai have a problem,but Kochi should have gone for him , it is partly not fair on the other franchises. If i were a rigid business man i think i would have done the same. But i guess they could have shown some courtesy . I think the highlight is Dada speaking so diplomatically for once. "..... I do not think they need me." (for obvious reasons we all know).And Dravid,he built the RCB team, and this is sad that he is also treated to 200k , Laxman gave up his money for players.I think IPL is not just cricket, of course our relationships with Pakistan is not rosy , but why should CRICKET suffer, okay Pakistan Cricket ( spot fixing controversies ) , but they have great and HONEST T20 players Gul , Afridi, Akthar, Ajmal, Akmals, plenty of talent for teams.Of course IPL looks lovely , but i think this clear bias towards some parties will come to haunt this league some day.

  • Venkatesan on February 8, 2011, 10:48 GMT


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