Australia in India, 2007-08 September 29, 2007

ICC's new ODI rules get early start

Cricinfo staff

India and Australia have decided to implement the ICC's proposed one-day international rule changes for their seven-match series, starting with today's ODI in Bangalore. The modifications, which were supposed to come into effect from October 1, have been advanced to avoid a mid-series adjustment.

In June, the ICC had ruled the following changes in ODI playing conditions:

  • An additional fielder will be allowed outside the fielding circle during the second or third Powerplays.
  • If an ODI innings is reduced, the numbers of overs making up each of the three Powerplays shall be reduced proportionately.
  • If a bowler bowls a foot fault no-ball [when the bowler either oversteps with his front foot or if his back foot cuts or does not land within the return crease], the following delivery will be deemed a free hit and the batsman cannot be dismissed by the bowler from that delivery. He can only be run out.
  • There will be a mandatory change of the ball at the start of the 35th over of each innings; the replacement will be a clean used ball.

    The ICC had also increased the stipulated minimum boundary sizes for all international matches, with the square boundary measuring at least 150 yards from one side of the ground to the other [minimum 65 yards on one side; previous total minimum size was 140 yards]; and the straight boundaries 70 yards at both ends [previous minimum was 65 yards]; maximum boundaries to be used allowing for three yards between boundary rope and advertising boards up to a maximum of 90 yards from the centre of the pitch.

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