Government withdraws all support for KCA February 17, 2005

Another day of confusion in Kenya

Ochilo Ayacko, the sports minister, has told a news conference in Nairobi that the Kenyan cabinet met on Thursday morning and unanimously agreed to withdraw all recognition for the Kenyan Cricket Association in favour of Cricket Kenya.

Ayacko's announcement came less than four days after he first mooted the idea of establishing Cricket Kenya to bypass the KCA, and two days after Kenya's stakeholder clubs voted overwhelmingly to support the venture.

On another day of high drama, the KCA executive returned to court to obtain a further injunction against Cricket Kenya. In a bizarre twist, the injunction was granted by the same judge who last month ruled that he would hear no more ex parte applications, and who last week deferred a hearing challenging Ayacko's decision to suspend the KCA for a month.

Ayacko has been discussing matters with the ICC, and it is understood that the ICC is assessing the situation and has asked for copies of the cabinet minutes. However, an ICC spokesman said that it did not recognise Cricket Kenya as the official body representing cricket in Kenya.

Although the KCA still exists, it is now increasingly marginalised and, as far as cricket in Kenya is concerned, virtually irrelevant. "I have studied the issue as it is and the way forward is not to allow the affairs of KCA to steal the limelight," Ayacko said. "The only body we recognise is Cricket Kenya."

He continued by saying that the KCA's "mismanagement" had led to "disillusionment among the players and other stakeholders, who have boycotted playing for the country and supporting cricket activities".