July 31, 2009

Bangladesh's best

Shakib Al Hasan has been a terrific find with bat and ball in Tests and ODIs

The quality of opposition for Bangladesh in the West Indies at the moment has meant that much of the gloss has been taken off their Test and one-day series triumphs, but none can question the class of the player who led them in most of those wins. For years Bangladesh have yearned for a batsman who can score as many runs as his talent suggests he should, and can mix it with the best. Shakib Al Hasan has shown he can do that, and keep his head when things get tight. Add that to his excellent control as a left-arm spinner and a temperament that craves responsibility instead of shunning it, and Bangladesh have an absolute asset on their hands.

When Mashrafe Mortaza, the original captain on their tour to the West Indies, injured himself early in the first Test, Bangladesh's campaign could have gone wrong, even against a weakened opposition. However, Shakib stepped up to the challenge superbly, scoring an undefeated 96 in a difficult run-chase after the team had lost early wickets. Shakib finished the Test series with a batting average of 53 and a bowling average of 18 for his 13 wickets, and was easily the most influential player from either team. The good thing for Bangladesh is, it doesn't appear as if this effort was a flash in the pan.

A Test hundred is still missing from his resumé, but in his last seven innings Shakib has two scores of 96, one of which was an unbeaten knock. His bowling stats are very respectable too, with a mean of almost three-and-a-half wickets per Test, and an average that is less than his batting one.

His ODI numbers are equally impressive, with a batting average of 34 and a bowling average of 30. And it isn't as if he has feasted on the weaker teams either - he averages more than 35 with the bat against Pakistan, Sri Lanka and India.

Shakib in Tests and ODIs
  Matches Runs Average Wickets Average
Tests 14 715 29.79 48 28.27
ODIs 64 1718 34.36 70 30.17

Shakib has only played 14 Tests, but his numbers are already among Bangladesh's best with both bat and ball. Among Bangladesh batsmen with at least 500 Test runs, only Habibul Bashar has a higher average, and even there the difference is marginal. For all his undoubted batting talent, Mohammad Ashraful doesn't even figure in the top five, with an average of 23.10.

A feature of Shakib's career has been his consistency: in 26 Test innings, 13 times he has scored 25 or more (50% of his innings). The corresponding percentage for Bashar is 41, and for Ashraful a poor 28%.

Best Test batsmen for Bangladesh (Qual: 500 runs)
Batsman Tests Runs Average 100s/ 50s
Habibul Bashar 50 3026 30.87 3/ 24
Shakib Al Hasan 14 715 29.79 0/ 3
Tamim Iqbal 12 608 27.63 1/ 2
Shahriar Nafees 15 810 27.00 1/ 4
Rajin Saleh 24 1141 25.93 0/ 7

The story is similar in ODIs: Shakib's record is the best among Bangladesh batsmen who've scored 1000 or more runs - an average of 34.36 at a strike-rate of 71.76. In 62 innings, 28 times he has scored 25 or more. Neither Bashar nor Ashraful figure in the top five here - Ashraful averages 23.81 in 139 games, while Bashar is even worse - he averages 21.68, with only 14 half-centuries and no hundreds in 105 innings.

Best ODI batsmen for Bangladesh (Qual: 1000 runs)
Batsman ODIs Runs Average Strike rate 100s/ 50s
Shakib Al Hasan 64 1718 34.36 71.76 2/ 12
Shahriar Nafees 60 1857 33.76 69.68 4/ 10
Tamim Iqbal 55 1399 25.43 68.91 1/ 8
Aftab Ahmed 80 1874 25.32 83.54 0/ 14
Rajin Saleh 43 1005 23.92 54.82 1/ 6

When Shakib began his Test career, his left-arm spin wasn't much of a threat - in his first six Tests he only took three wickets, each costing him 104.67 runs and requiring 218 deliveries. Since then, though, his numbers are almost unrecognisable: in his last eight games, he has taken an incredible 45 wickets at 23.17 apiece. During this period he has taken five wickets in an innings on five occasions. That's pulled his overall average down to an excellent 28.27, easily the best among Bangladesh bowlers who've taken at least 20 Test wickets.

Best Test bowlers for Bangladesh (Qual: 20 wickets)
Bowler Tests Wickets Average Strike rate 5WI/ 10WM
Shakib Al Hasan 14 48 28.27 62.3 5/ 0
Enamul Haque jr 14 41 39.24 77.7 3/ 1
Mohammad Rafique 33 100 40.76 87.4 7/ 0
Mashrafe Mortaza 36 78 41.52 76.7 0/ 0
Shahadat Hossain 23 53 43.69 63.0 2/ 0

His ODI bowling stats are pretty good too, though three other Bangladesh bowlers have slightly better averages (among those who've taken 50 ODI wickets). Shakib, however, has a better economy-rate than those three.

Best ODI bowlers for Bangladesh (Qual: 50 wickets)
Bowler ODIs Wickets Average Econ rate 4WI/ 5WI
Abdur Razzak 83 116 27.54 4.40 3/ 1
Mashrafe Mortaza 101 134 29.23 4.53 5/ 1
Syed Rasel 41 52 29.59 4.35 1/ 0
Shakib Al Hasan 64 70 30.17 4.01 0/ 0
Mohammad Rafique 123 119 38.75 4.39 2/ 1

Let's check how Shakib's numbers compare with the rest of the team's stats. His batting record is obviously much better than that of the rest of the side, with the difference in average being more than 10 in both Tests and in ODIs.

Comparing Shakib the batsman with the others in the Bangladesh team
  Matches Runs Average Strike rate 100s/ 50s
Shakib - Tests 14 715 29.79 53.47 0/ 3
Others - Tests 14 4340 18.87 45.65 2/ 16
Shakib - ODIs 64 1718 34.36 71.76 2/ 12
Others - ODIs 64 9163 21.02 64.85 5/ 40

The difference in ODI bowling numbers isn't much at all, but in Tests Shakib has been far more incisive than the rest of the attack. Without him, Bangladesh have leaked almost 48 runs per wicket, while Shakib has got his wickets at almost 20 runs cheaper.

Comparing Shakib the bowler with the others in the Bangladesh team
  Matches Wickets Average Strike rate Econ rate
Shakib - Tests 14 48 28.27 62.3 2.72
Others - Tests 14 117 47.79 81.22 3.53
Shakib - ODIs 64 70 30.17 45.0 4.01
Others - ODIs 64 327 31.94 41.87 4.58

Admittedly these are still early days in Shakib's career, but the promise is unmistakeable, especially since he has so far handled the extra responsibility of captaincy with aplomb, raising his game with both bat and ball. (Click here to see the performances of Bangladesh's captains in Tests, and here for their performances in ODIs.) At 22, he has plenty of time to go on and become Bangladesh's first world-class allrounder. The signs so far are extremely encouraging.

S Rajesh is stats editor of Cricinfo

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  • Muhammad on August 3, 2009, 22:30 GMT

    All of these current BD players are worthy world class, maybe in the lesser end collectively. However this win against WI would hopefully produce a few more of Shakib, Tamim, Mushfic & Ashraful and some big figure like Mashrafi. Glad that Ash had his couple of 50 - sad that Mashrafi couldn't be there. At the end of the day its a team sports and all need to contribute to win a match - that goes down all the way to the kit man, as well as skipper, coach and selector. At the moment they need to open a search party out there in BD for some pace man. Above all unless they can bowled the ops out 2 times in a test match win will be another 10 years of wait...I hope that does not happen. I would still urge the BD boys to keep their foot on the ground and just carry on with good works, success comes to those who work hard. COME ON YOU TIGERS...also many congratulations to BD U19 to beat Eng U19 in the ODI series in their back yards.

  • Amahl on August 3, 2009, 17:47 GMT

    A player who has proven his mettle for Bangladesh time and time again and as was correctly stated in the article, particularly with some top performances against the stronger tier of cricketing nations. The one thing that impresses me about Shakib is his consistency (which his numbers don't really boast of). Many other Bangladeshis have been labelled as 'supremely talented' such as the likes of Bashar, Ashraful (who is severely overrated in my view) and Mortaza but the lack of consistency in their respective games have been what has held them back from becoming solid performers. The last test series against WI was evident of Shakib's consistency with both bat and ball and it is excellent to see him maintain this whilst he juggled the captaincy as well (which he also carried out to a high standard). Fantastic to see a player from the weaker nations doing so well and I only hope he can continue to do so against the stronger sides.

  • abhijit on August 3, 2009, 11:28 GMT

    Dear Shahzaibq, Most of the worldclass player played in IPL is performing badly in the worldclass cricket. Its not far, so many promosing cricketer carrear will be finished quickly because of IPL. I guess you understand what I mean. So plz keep out Shakib from the bullshit IPL. Now he is the best allrounder in this cricket-world and pray for him... he will be the best cricketer forever.

  • sam on August 1, 2009, 17:52 GMT

    Thanks Rajesh for such an useful and timed article.

    Yes it's really Shakib, who has shown a great potential and world-class competence so far. I wish and pray for his consistency and as well further development.

    Surprising is he was not focused to the game even few years back (as in one of his interview, he mentioned he had no plan to come to cricket before, even he didn't track the game), but when he came in incidentally, from the very beginning he showed a extra performance. True fact is there is nothing very extra-ordinary in his techniques (what we call gifted or talented), but the excellence is in his awareness in his own limitation and capability, he has a very excellent brain, strong mentality, useful vision and realistic approach. I think that is the essence behind his consistency and quick adoption with every situation. And believe that will bring him much more. We need few more player like him for consistency in the game (Mushfiq has shown some in him).

  • Anamul on August 1, 2009, 17:07 GMT

    Shakib is a TELENTED cricketer bangladesh have ever produced. he can ball under pressure, he can bat under pressure, his a genuine allrounder. i wish him all the best! go tiger go!!

  • Steve on August 1, 2009, 15:56 GMT

    Shakib is far and away the jewel in Bangladesh's crown. I'm concerned that a player so young is taking on the responsibility of being his team's leading bowler and batsman as well as being captain. But so far the signs have been very encouraging even if he was only playing against a third choice West Indies team.

  • Shahzaib on August 1, 2009, 15:41 GMT

    I just hope that Shakib gets picked up by an IPL franchise too..

  • praphul on August 1, 2009, 13:43 GMT

    Shakib is unarguably the best player Bangaladesh has ever produced.Let him be the captain even when Masrafe comes back.

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