Farokh Engineer October 5, 2013

'I always idolised Muhammad Ali'

Farokh Engineer on meeting Ali, being rewarded for a catch in the outfield, and being yelled at despite having scored a century

First big scolding on the cricket field
In a Ranji Trophy match, I had scored over 150 runs in the second innings. My team, Bombay, was only a few runs short of the target when I got out to a lofted shot. Mine was the seventh wicket to fall. As I returned to the pavilion, our manager, Polly Umrigar, gave me a piece of his mind and yelled, "If we lose the match, it would be because of you."

First sporting hero
I always idolised Muhammad Ali. He was a tremendous fighter and a great man. I met him a couple of times. Felt really honoured when he presented me his book with the words written: "With best wishes to Farokh".

First good catch
It did not come behind the stumps but in the outfield. It was a small club game during my early cricketing life. I ran some distance and dived to grasp the ball. My father was in attendance and rewarded me with Rs 50. For a schoolkid, it was one hell of a lot of money in those days.

First time I felt I belonged at the highest level
When I was selected for the World XI in 1970. It was a great honour to be a part of the team having such illustrious names as Garry Sobers, Rohan Kanhai, Mike Procter, Barry Richards, among others.

First time I was called Rooky
Fred Trueman invented this nickname. He extracted "Rooky" from my name "Farokh".

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