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How well do you know Boxing Day Tests?

Quiz compiled by Madhusudhan Ramakrishnan

1. Only one Boxing Day Test at the MCG since 1991 started on 24th December instead of 26th and continued after a day's holiday on Christmas. Which year was this match played?
2. In Australia's innings win against England in Melbourne in 2006, who were the batsmen involved in a match-winning 279-run stand for Australia?
3. This bowler finished with 6 for 60 as England completed a stunning 12-run win in Melbourne in 1998. Name him.
4. Identify the batsman dismissed run out from the commentary clip
5. Who scored a brilliant unbeaten 100 out of a total of 198 in the Boxing Day Test between Australia and West Indies in 1981?
6. West Indies collapsed from 143 for 1 to be bowled out for 219 in the Melbourne Test in 1992. Who was the highest wicket-taker in the innings?
7. Matthew Hayden scored six centuries in seven Boxing Day Tests between 2001 and 2007. Which was the only opposition team against whom he failed to register a century?
8. This MCG Test match was the first in which the totals in all four innings were within ten runs of each other (matches where all 40 wickets fell). Which Test are we talking about?
9. South Africa have lost the last four Boxing Day Tests at home. Three of those have been in Durban (2009, 2010 and 2011). At which venue did they lose in 2007?
10. India were bowled out for 100 and 66 in the Boxing Day Test in Durban in 1996. Which batsman remained unbeaten on 27 in India's second innings?
11. Which bowler made his Test debut in the Boxing Day Test in 1999 against India and picked up a five-wicket haul?
12. The player (sitting) in the picture picked up match figures of 7 for 88 to lead England to an innings win in the Boxing Day Test in 1986 at the MCG. Identify him.
13. There has been only one Test match (incidentally a Boxing Day Test) where two batsmen have been dismissed run out in the nineties. In which year and where was the game played?
14. Complete the sequence (in connection to Boxing Day Tests in Australia): Clive Lloyd, Alec Stewart, Sachin Tendulkar, _________
15. Which player, recalled by England at the age of 42 for the 1974-75 Ashes, scored 35 and 8 in the Boxing Day Test at the MCG which ended in a draw with Australia eight runs away from a win with two wickets in hand?
16. Who top-scored in both innings for West Indies in their 352-run loss to Australia at the MCG in 2000?
17. Which is the last visiting team to come back and win the series after a Boxing Day Test defeat at the MCG?
18. Sachin Tendulkar has been dismissed five times for a first-ball duck. Which bowler dismissed him in such a manner most recently?
19. In South Africa's first Boxing Day Test after readmission, two players scored centuries. One was Hansie Cronje. Who was the other?
20. Muttiah Muralitharan was called for throwing by umpire Darrell Hair in the MCG Test in 1995. Who was the other on-field umpire in the Test?


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