New Zealand v India, 1st Test, Hamilton, 3rd day March 20, 2009

Tendulkar's catch attracts controversy

A low catch during the third day's play of the Hamilton Test could create a controversy involving Sachin Tendulkar, who was "100% confident he had taken it." Andy Moles, New Zealand's coach, was of the view that the on-field umpires should have referred it to the third-umpire.

In the first over of New Zealand's second innings, Tim McIntosh edged low towards first slip, where Tendulkar fell forward, and claimed the catch to be clean. The replays were not conclusive, and could have resulted in the batsman getting the benefit of the doubt. But as is the case with such low catches, the on-field umpires tend to not go to the third umpire if they have seen it.

"The guys thought they saw it as they did and they made a decision based on what they'd seen between them," Moles said. "It's disappointing but they gave a decision as they saw it and we get on with the game."

The most interesting aspect of the potential controversy is that the same replay could be seen differently by two people. Tendulkar said: "I have seen the replays, and I have also seen my fingers under the ball. If the umpires were in doubt, they would have definitely called for the third umpire. Sometimes on camera it looks different. But I was pretty much confident otherwise I wouldn't have appealed."

Moles, on the other hand, had a different version: "You all saw the TV shots, and yes we'd be disappointed, but it's part of the game unfortunately. Tim is trying to make his way in the game and he's desperately disappointed."

Moles' disappointment could have to do with an incident earlier in the day, when MS Dhoni was given not out after the referral of another low catch that New Zealand claimed. Dhoni had cut low to the right of Jesse Ryder at gully, where he seemed to have pulled off a blinder, but after initial celebrations he had indicated he was not sure. The replays showed the ball might not have carried, and the benefit of the doubt prevailed.

Sidharth Monga is a staff writer at Cricinfo