Pakistan news March 6, 2010

PCB confirms Waqar as coach

Cricinfo staff

The PCB has confirmed the appointment of former fast bowler Waqar Younis as Pakistan coach, replacing Intikhab Alam. Waqar has been offered a contract till December 2011 and comes to the helm after a disastrous tour of Australia, which Pakistan finished without a win. Former Pakistan batsman Ijaz Ahmed, who was in charge of the national Under-19 team which reached the final of the World Cup in New Zealand, will be the batting and fielding coach.

PCB chairman, Ijaz Butt, said the board had also considered Waqar's new-ball bowling partner in the 90s, Wasim Akram, for the post. "We had a choice between Younis and Wasim Akram," Butt said, "but since Akram was busy with his commitments in the media we decided to appoint Younis as the new coach."

Waqar has already had a couple of stints as bowling coach, first between March 2006 and January 2007 when Bob Woolmer was head coach, and then on the recent visit to Australia. He is being offered a monthly salary of 650,000 rupees (US$7600). His first challenge will be to prepare the team for the defense of their World Twenty20 crown in the Caribbean in a couple of months.

Waqar's appointment comes after the PCB failed to convince former Australian captain Greg Chappell to take up the coaching job. "Foreign coaches were demanding big money and were willing to work with our team only when its touring some other country," Butt said. "This was not acceptable to us."

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  • Huzaifah on March 10, 2010, 6:53 GMT

    In my opinion Saeed Anwar would have made a much better batting consultant for the team given his record and achievements and also the fact that he has been willing to hold a batting camp for quite some while. Ijaz Ahmed is not a bad choice either and InshAllah will make a difference to Pakistan's batting psyche.

  • Irfan on March 9, 2010, 4:17 GMT

    Waqar would be a great bowling coach and hopefully will strengthen the depleting bowling attack. Although, it doesn't make sense to have someone like Ijaz as batting coach since he was never a batsman who had any technique. These types of batsmen cannot teach anyone since they dont have that background or know how. We heard of Saeed Anwar providing consulting for batting, why is he not asked to be batting coach??? more politics?

  • Dummy4 on March 9, 2010, 1:55 GMT

    Congratulations to Waqar and Ejaz on becoming the coaches of Pakistani team. We also need a psychologist and a religious figure in the team who can work with our players to handle pressure and play as one team. We really need to get rid of grouping with in our team and play as we used to play under Imran, Wassem and Inzamam. Also a ESL teacher who can teach our players how to speak english. Long Live Pakistan

  • Dummy4 on March 8, 2010, 22:09 GMT

    , and no he cant be the captain.kamran akmal, though too tempting as a batsman, can never be a reliable keeper,enuf tried already there, we need a solid keeper,someone like rashid.kamran shold be a given a chance to cement his place in the side as a batsman, if he can do that, good enough , maybe he shold opt as an opener plus we can have him in the field and that would be a great boost in the fielding dept. if the batting is making the runs , i dnt see any reason why we cant be beating the top teams consistently. so good luck with it wicki bhai. you were a great bowler, you were bowling at over 145 k's in your last match, thats how great a bowler you are.the most devastating bowler in the history of the game, ever ! i miss watcing those great old days ,the 90's and early 2000's, my request to you , pls return those days , instill in this team, what you had all though your career.amir and asif, ajmal and afridi, razzaq and rana, world can only envy this great talent .... jst make it h

  • Dummy4 on March 8, 2010, 22:06 GMT

    congrats wicki bhai on the appointment as coach pakistan team.razzaq and afridi should be part of all three formats,amir needs to get his inswing going on,right now he is good with the outswinger, with a consistent inswinger he can become in bowling is perfect , both asif and saeed along with afridi, amir and razzq are more than enough , gul needs some thing to happen with the ball , his fitness is great, but his ball needs movement in the air and off the now that should be all for the bowling dept.the only worry is the batting(duno why nasir jamshed has been over looked-he showed great spark-yes had fitness issue, but he is good enough to tour with the team and get a chance when a certain batsman is failing consistently) so opening needs sorting out, misbah and younis need a long rest, long enuf to make the realize its time to say adious.yousaf should play for another couple of yrs, only if he is performing,

  • Shabihy Ul Hasan on March 7, 2010, 14:17 GMT

    Very good decision by PCB, waqar has got the talent to lift the spirit and game plans of this team. People in Pakistan, has really admired this decision.Long Live Pakistan

  • Asad on March 7, 2010, 10:52 GMT

    T20 rbs which has its FINAL match today, has shown us that players like Moh. Hafeez are in form and not given a chance in int cric. You will easily find some other players also who will easily beat national team.

    There are few issues which PCB should look over, which mr. Waqar Younis will not be able to fix alone

    1. fielding 2. batting 3. fitness 4. attitude 5. capability ( there are players who are NOT made for every format of the game)

    I hope they will choose every player on merit and give youngsters chance to show how our pakistani cricket will be in future.

    Hope to see some other ret. players helping national team.

    God bless Pakistan.

  • shahzy0 on March 7, 2010, 8:08 GMT

    @imtiaz.malik was the worst captain pakistan had ever 2007 pak used to win becoz misbah was on 2009 afridi is the one who brought the trophy and surely he wll be the captain in t20. waqar should had been paks bowling coach and they should have gone for a head coach who is the purist of batsmen and may be a foreigner.

  • junaid on March 7, 2010, 6:53 GMT

    In my opinion Waqar should have been apppointed along with a Quality batting coach. Pakistan cricket lacks batting and everyone knows that but still PCB is not showing any concerns , WE already have bowlers with lots of talent but our Batting line up is shaky. From my point of view PCB should appoint any Quality Batting coach ad head and Waqar should be fully in charge from bowling dept. from recent tours [in NZ and in AUS], the only reason we lost was batting .. bowling was Good as always . we need to polish our openers, ned to stabilize our middle order and WaQar surely cant help in that . PCB common we need proper batting coach first , pakistan always has been weakin batting , so plzzz focus more on getting batting coaches and yes then only bowling coaches [ like waqar] will be effective. Ijaz shud be for fieldin , and for batting coaches i suggest INzi, Anwar,miandad etc..... PCB think bout it and get a batting coach ASAP.

  • esesjay on March 6, 2010, 23:13 GMT

    Give waqar a chance. Do not expect miracles.It is a very hard and challenging task and he needs our nations support. Next Task--Let us all try to get rid of Ijaz Butt and get him replaced by Miandad. I wish waqar the best.

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