Pakistan's disciplinary crisis May 8, 2010

Intikhab calls Pakistan players 'mentally retarded'

Cricinfo staff

Former Pakistan coach Intikhab Alam has launched a scathing attack on the national players, calling them 'mentally retarded' during their forgettable tour of Australia earlier this year, where they failed to win a single match. The English daily, Dawn had secured documents from the Pakistan Cricket Board, which contained Intikhab's views on his players while he was in charge. The board had set up an inquiry committee to identify the players responsible for the defeats.

Intikhab, who was replaced by Waqar Younis after the tour, revealed that apart from their woeful on-field performance, the players failed to conduct themselves in a proper manner off the field as well.

"I felt that they are mentally retarded people," Intikhab was quoted as saying to the committee. "There is a mental problem with our players. They don't know how to wear their clothes and how to talk in a civilized manner."

The PCB took action against seven players it believed were responsible for Pakistan's failures. The captain Mohammad Yousuf and Younis Khan were banned indefinitely, Shoaib Malik and Naved-ul-Hasan were banned for a year while Shahid Afridi and the Akmal brothers were fined and placed on probation for six months.

Yousuf and Younis were accused of infighting and having a negative influence on the team. Yousuf announced his retirement from international cricket after the ban and is the only one among the punished players who didn't appeal. The six players who appealed will appear before a one-man tribunal headed by Irfan Qadir, a retired high court judge.

Intikhab, however, identified Malik as someone with a "negative attitude" who was "active in intrigues in the team". Quoting an example of the factions that had developed within the team, Intikhab confessed to hearing that a group of "six to seven" players had gone to the former captain Inzamam-ul-Haq's house before the UAE tour prior to the Australia series, where they "took oath on the Quran that they will remain united against (the then captain) Younis Khan".

But Malik, a former captain, denied that allegation and said that the players had vowed to remain united in case a team member was dropped "unjustifiably". He added that the oath was taken in Yousuf's hotel room and not at Inzamam's house.

When Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi was asked at a press conference to comment on Intikhab's views, he said: "I don't know about these things but when I do I will definitely tell you."

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  • Kabir on May 13, 2010, 15:47 GMT

    Great photo!! Intikab appears to be saying..." that's where the Australian batsmen are going to be hitting the ball....into those stands!!

  • Afzal on May 13, 2010, 13:51 GMT

    I totally agree with Intikhab. The PCB should be really strict on dicipline and should ban the players but not for one year that should be for the whole life both in domestic cricket and international level. If a player is accepting that they have an oath on Yousf's Hotel room that they will not play well for the country if anyone among the seven players is drop from the match, I just do not understand where is dicipline. They should ban all the Seven players not for one year for whole life.... what will happen? we will loss some matches as we are losing with same players too.. then why to keep such players?. PCB should have a contract with them if any body found in such activities then they will be baned as will as will give the punishment according the constitution of pakistan for disloyalty to the country. Then you will see nobody will just think about such ill actions. But for these actions the PCB should be Fair and Loyal itself......................

  • irfan on May 13, 2010, 10:16 GMT

    Its amazing how these mentally retarted individuals reached the finals of the World cup again and again. Please accept it just because they dont have the same dress sence and big belly like you intikhab alam sb please dont call them with these terms.

  • mohammed talib on May 12, 2010, 12:42 GMT

    Intikhab has come out with the truth, the Pakistani players dont play for the country they play for themselves.they are like school kids fighting,their atitiudes are not right. They should have passion whe playing like other teams.i think the PCB picks players that pay the most to the chairman zardari,and he puts the money in swiss bank account.

  • Amanullah on May 12, 2010, 2:06 GMT

    I believe that Afridi's men will do like Imran's men done in 19992. If they tried their best and played in unity to defeat Australia then the trophy will remain in Pakistan. Now the pressure is on Australia because they will face the best unpredictable team in the world.

  • Jay on May 10, 2010, 0:38 GMT

    I agree with Intikhab...they are more or less like a 11 woman who fights no matter what....

  • kalam on May 9, 2010, 21:32 GMT

    the main problem of pak team is grouping.7 players are banned for the sake of country's prestige.i think pcb is right here.pak cricketers are always favourite among the world for their exceptional techniques ,characteristis (shoaib akter,wasim akram,amir,umar akmal,saeed ajmal,saqlain ,razzak,butt,afridi,misbash,waqar,saeed anwar......and so many).but their problem is in fielding.deeply notice if pak did not miss the watson and david hussy catch,the highest score would be 160.if six catches of england would catch ,pak could win the match,if abdur razzak on 2 afridi 3, umar akmal4,misbah5,hafeez.........then pak would win against nz.actully afridi is not perfect captain.he should bowl in powerplay and after powerplay hafeez should bowl.abdur rehman and ajmal can bowl any every match razzak should bowl in powerplay.anyway i think pak will win against sa and eng will win against nz but don,t be defensive afridi please.

  • Faisal on May 9, 2010, 17:42 GMT

    There is one solution for Pakistan Cricket. His name is Imran Khan, he can fix their brain. Vote for Imran Khan to be appointed chairman of PCB.

  • Sydd on May 9, 2010, 17:31 GMT

    Mr. Inkhab Alam is slightly wrong.. it is not only Pakistani Cricket team who is MENTALLY RETARDED rather it is the WHOLE PCB is also RETARDED and the funny part is this that Mr. Alam got to know about it so late when ALL OF THE CRICKETING WORLD already knew it.

    The other funny part is this that our bowlinmg coach and our batting coaches are those who's carreer average were below 30 and they are thinking that they will teach a Pakistani team how to paly better when they them selves were always below par.

    I should say one more thing... PAKISTANI cricketer instead of promising the nation that they will win, they should rather promise them selves that they should play better then there average and score more then that first.

    SUGGESTION: PCB should hire only those players to play in Pakistani team who do outstanding in Englishand Australian couties as our pitches for domestic games are dead pithces.

    P.S : PCB, please hire cricketers with career average of more then 40+

  • roh on May 9, 2010, 14:14 GMT

    The use of the word "mentailly retarted" is politically wrong to describe anyone or anything.What can be said however is that the Pakistan team seems to have plenty of infighting and contraversy amongst its ranks of the field. Shahidi Afridi must take an active role in making his players focus on their on-field performances and the PCB must work in partnership with him and domestic cricket board to develop a pakistani cricket team that is not only talented but has the hardworking ethic and determination to succeed at the highest level

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