South Australia v Queensland, Sheffield Shield, Adelaide October 26, 2012

Queensland batsmen hang on for draw

ESPNcricinfo staff

Queensland 9 for 406 dec and 6 for 129 (Kemp 33, Worrall 3-36) drew with South Australia 9 for 402 dec and 225 (Christian 71)

Queensland's batsmen clung on to deny South Australia the chance to end their long drought without a Sheffield Shield win as the match in Adelaide petered out to draw on the final afternoon. Set 222 for victory, the Bulls initially appeared keen to go for the runs but after they stumbled to 5 for 101 they shut up shop and played for the draw, finishing at 6 for 129 with Joe Burns on 16 and Nathan Hauritz on 0.

It was a disappointing end for the Redbacks, who had their best chance for some time for a Shield win, but their drought has now stretched to 19 matches without a victory. To add to their frustration, Queensland took the only points from the match, having scraped past South Australia's first innings of 402 with nine wickets down.

The debutant Daniel Worrall gave the Redbacks some hope with his 3 for 36, including the opener Alex Kemp (33), Usman Khawaja (26) and Peter Forrest, who made 16 from 11 balls. Nathan Lyon also picked up two wickets but in the end South Australia ran out of time, although the Bulls could have said the same thing, finishing 93 runs short of their victory target.

The day began with the Redbacks adding 135 to their overnight score as Daniel Christian posted 71 with some support from the tail. Ben Cutting, Nathan Hauritz and Cameron Boyce finished with two wickets each.

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  • Mariam on October 26, 2012, 22:41 GMT

    @Ross_fleming well said champ, Hyclass needs to get his facts correct. Khawaja is a champion batsman and Hyclass's incorrect critisms are getting old. He is a great ambassador and representative for Sub continent players around Australia. Hyclass you need to stop repeating your incorrect observations on the trigger movements on Khawaja, he is a fantastic player and has one of the best techniques of all the younger players going around as he hasn't played alot of 20 20 cricket. North and him have nothing in common. The reason he didn't get runs last year(hence his average got in the mid 40s) was because he was unfairly dropped after top scoring against South Africa in their home territory.Unlike all other debutants Khawaja barely got a chance to prove himself, he had at best 2 games in a row to prove himself where his counterparts got 2 series or more to do the same.

  • Andrew on October 26, 2012, 21:36 GMT

    @Rahul_Ashok on (October 26 2012, 12:30 PM GMT) - Burns played very well for BOTH of his innings, however I believe he too has a Bradmanesque average against Sth Oz. So I would like to see him do well elsewhere. That said, I am on the Burns bandwagon as I believe he has gotten his runs during a tough period for run-scoring in Oz.

  • Dylan on October 26, 2012, 12:34 GMT

    I echo your every word hyclass, great posts.

  • Rahul on October 26, 2012, 12:30 GMT

    Hyclass the only time you write is when Khawaja doesn't score, is there a reason you pick on him and no other batsman. You seem to be a Hughes fan but did you notice Hughes also failed this game and got out in slips in the same manner he got out against the Kiwis. And Burns scored a ton against the South Australians, should we put that innings down.

  • Ross on October 26, 2012, 12:28 GMT

    @hyclass you are back as usual with your unfair critisms of Khawaja. This is getting too predicatable mate, let me correct you. Khawaja's average dropped once he was unfairly dropped from the Aussie side when only 1 game before being dropped he was run out in Gabba when on 40 and scored a game high 80 against South Africa(world's best bowling attack) in a record 300 chase. If he got half the chances some of the other young players got we would have a world class 3. As for backing your incorrect trigger comments no English commentator said that but Border, Taylor, Waugh and Inevarity listed his technique as the best in the country among the young batsman around. As for your comment against him scoring against SA, he had an average of 100 against Qld and has scored centuries against all other states. Seriously mate give it a rest.

  • Allan on October 26, 2012, 12:24 GMT

    @Hyclass you seem to comment on Khawaja even when the articles are not about him, what's up with that. Did Khawaja ignore your at a game during a signature session, something must have happened for you to continue your continuous attacks on him. @Macca_Mat no use trying to convince Hyclass, best thing to do is ignore his comments as he must know more then Border, Taylor, Clarke and other champion cricketers.Khawaja was top scorer on day 1 against SA when all other good batsman including Burns and Forrest failed. He also top scored against South Africa earlier in the year and against Aus A in the game for Derbyshire. He scores in tough conditions and you need to remove your bias and give credit where its due. Also Burns top scored against SA, do we discredit his innings as well, you are a joke mate.

  • Christopher on October 26, 2012, 9:06 GMT

    We may have seen the last of Forrest whose 1st class ave is now 32. When he was chosen for Aus, I strongly opposed his selection on a short run of form.I suggested that as with S.Marsh, there was no value to picking players whose records suggested they were fortunate to be in their state sides.Marsh showed a propensity to injury & poor attitude.Observation of patterns over time is the best way to determine a players suitability. It allows for opponents & varying conditions & helps to identify failings in their game if for example, its a wet season & the ball seams or bounces, or whether, as in Watson's case, they lack the stamina to have the impact in longer format cricket. Burns still only has 20 games. He looks promising but deserves the opportunity to evolve without excess pressure and expectation. Its little more than a year ago that people were saying the same of Lynn. I'd like to see Cosgrove given a chance. He brings excellent catching, useful bowling and quality proven batting.

  • Christopher on October 26, 2012, 8:54 GMT

    'Sth Aus winless runs extends to 19 games'.Regardless of opinions on their bowling, those are the facts.Bottom of the table the last 3 seasons. George was in & the result the same.Khawaja's failed again-season ave is 30 in both List A & 1st class. His 1st class ave is now 42 - 11 runs below its high 18 months ago when I made observations about his preparation & trigger movements that have been entirely vindicated. Those views appear to be shared by the selectors who have omitted him after taking the unusual step of publicly criticising his ethic. Hughes failed in both innings & his average is 17 runs below its high of 62, 3 years ago. He arrived in peak form in '09, was made to change his preparation & approach & has plummeted ever since. I'm a fan of Hughes but his new technique game is behind his failing record. Those criticising my observations are the same that did so re my views on Forrest ave-32, both Marsh brothers & Cummins re continued injury. I observe evidence & probability

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