Australia news March 7, 2014

Botha handed one-match suspension

ESPNcricinfo staff

Johan Botha, the South Australia captain, has been handed one-match suspension for breaching Cricket Australia's code of behaviour in two separate incidents during the Sheffield Shield match against New South Wales.

The umpires reported Botha for using offensive language during the second innings for which he was reprimanded by the match referee. But the match referee proposed a stronger action of two penalty points for the second offence. The umpires had reported Botha for breaching Article 2.2.11 for actions that were contrary to the spirit of the game, harmful to the interests of cricket and for bringing the game into disrepute, specifically repeated inappropriate conduct relating to the condition of the match ball. 

Botha pleaded guilty to both charges, but disputed the two penalty points proposed by the match referee. However, after a hearing, the penalty was upheld meaning the player will miss South Australia's away match against Tasmania that starts on March 11.

Botha had lodged an appeal with CA against the penalty but then withdrew it later. He will miss South Australia's next game.

This story was updated on March 9, after Johan Botha's appeal was withdrawn

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  • Patrick on March 10, 2014, 9:04 GMT

    Interesting hypotheses @KrispyCricket, pretty sure all these grounds have practice nets so why the need for additional pitches on the square to be brought on? No ACB sanction on Warner's ham fistery so it's possible he had an all clear to heighten awareness about SA ball management practices. Whatever SA were doing to get reverse happening in the second test, Aussies worked it out by the third. SA meanwhile, possibly a little reluctant to push the envelope from under the spotlight, got very little happening. We're left to ponder some interesting coincidences.

  • Dummy4 on March 9, 2014, 13:00 GMT

    Why are we in Sth Australia turning to a in-experienced left armer(Tom Andrews) to replace Botha when we have a very good leggie in Zampa?

  • bill on March 9, 2014, 8:14 GMT

    Should be fined for always looking grumpy and miserable anyway.

  • Dummy4 on March 9, 2014, 7:58 GMT

    I do not why but I always want him to perform.with his limited talent he did well even at international level.

  • Peter on March 8, 2014, 21:18 GMT

    @Douglas Moxon. To be fair, Botha's appointment has turned the Rebacks fortunes immensely. While he may not an outstanding player, he has totally turned the culture of what was probably the poorest performing state team of the last decade into something resembing a Shield contender. South Australia tried local talent & they came up short. For me, Botha's appointment has been not only aan outstanding success, but a realitic & innovative look into maximising the avaliable talent pool. This last issue aside, overall, Botha has plenty of nous about the game.

  • Nicholas on March 8, 2014, 10:32 GMT

    Again.. He was spiking the old ball with his boot and was charged

  • Andrew on March 7, 2014, 23:57 GMT

    Must have been VERY bad for proposed points loss for a team equal top of the Shield ladder. He's a bad sport and an unappealing cricketer in all ways. Can NSW appeal against the non-docking of points? Were five penatly runs ever awared to NSW?

  • Dummy4 on March 7, 2014, 23:52 GMT

    .... and Why do we need a 'mediochre at best /superanuated ' Saffer to be Captain of an Aust State side ???? ... is the vision of the Sth Aust board that limited that they couldnt find a 'local' up to the task ???

  • Krispin on March 7, 2014, 23:20 GMT

    More to the point, is this just standard fare for roughing the ball with the South Africans?? 1. We had Du Plessis already fined for roughing the ball on his zipper during a match. 2. They randomly prepared two 'spare pitches' on each side of the main one that NO one needed for a month.... umm and this wasn't to be able for them the throw the ball in on it's way to the keeper to rough it a bit? 3. Then the fact that we could actually see de Villiers giving the ball an extra couple taps with his glove many times when he caught it during the innings when suddenly out of the blue they got reverse swing when no one else could! Which is why Warner mouthed off, though I agree he should have kept it on the field. But the fact that the umpires had a quiet word to de Villiers (presumably) about it before the next innings anyway rather confirms it.

    So it seems that finding new and innovative ways to rough the ball may be part and parcel of S.A. Cricket?

  • Richard on March 7, 2014, 12:58 GMT

    Botha is my least favourite cricketer of all time. Makes Douglas Jardine look like one of the family. A face like a cats bum and dodgy action.

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