Building gutted by fire during tour game September 30, 2004

The old Wanderers Club goes up in flames

Wisden Cricinfo staff

A fire at the old Wanderers Club at Johannesburg during the game between South Africa and New Zealand's A sides has laid waste to a large portion of the building, which dated back to the 1930s. The blaze destroyed the Chariots pub, the main hall, the kitchen, and the historic clock tower. The one-day tour game was unaffected, though, with South Africa A sealing a 15-run win.

Some sections to the rear and left side of the building appeared to have survived, and the gymnasium was only slightly damaged by smoke. Although nobody was seriously injured, one person had to be treated for smoke inhalation.

"This is an incredibly emotional loss for all of us," said Michael Jury, the Wanderers Cricket Club chairman. "Not only has Johannesburg lost an historic building, our members have lost an environment that has given them incredible memories, a safe space to engage and relax, as well as a community home. We will endeavour, along with our club members, to create a new home that will both reflect our past, and concentrate on our future."