Sri Lanka news February 18, 2014

'Unanimous' SLC backs ICC revamp


Sri Lanka Cricket's Executive Committee has made a unanimous decision to support the governance, finance and FTP changes in the ICC, which were proposed by the BCCI, ECB and CA, at its meeting on February 17. SLC had refrained from voting on the revised proposals at the ICC Board meeting in Singapore, saying it needed more time to discuss them.

"The Executive Committee met today at SLC headquarters to converse regarding the revised resolutions forwarded by the ICC at the ICC Board meeting held on February 8 in Singapore," the SLC said. "Subsequent to the committee members assessing the revised resolutions in detail, all members were satisfied with the amendments made in the areas of governance and competition models and thus unanimously decided to support the paper."

There had been fears that Sri Lanka might get isolated by India, England and Australia because they did not support the proposals straightaway in Singapore, but SLC secretary Nishantha Ranatunga allayed them.

"Since we have been very clear and precise in our communications they are respecting us," Ranatunga said. "They all respect our views and we have a better understanding among each other."

Ranatunga said that once the proposals were passed at the ICC's annual meeting in June there will be no FTP and only bilateral agreements between countries. "So we need to understand the importance of having tours with India, England and Australia."

He said that for the next seven years Sri Lanka were due to get an income of $60 million from bilateral tours, and out of this figure, one Indian tour for one month would bring $28m, one England tour $12m and one Australian tour $7-8m.

"When you calculate, a series with these three countries will bring us a revenue of $47-48m. If we are going to object to their proposals our cricket is going to suffer," Ranatunga said. "People who talk about principles and all that will not give us the money. We have to make our money from these tours.

"When any other country comes for a full tour we bear the same cost to host them but the returns are very small compared to the other three countries."

India is due to tour Sri Lanka in 2017 amd Ranatunga was hopeful that the FTP drawn up till 2018 will not be affected.

"SLC is confident that they can go ahead with the tours they have planned so far. We are in the process of negotiating for more tours with other countries."

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  • Afsar on February 19, 2014, 18:59 GMT

    @saintsinister: "Without playing at home we still have a waaayyy better record outside." - can you explain how many series you won or draw in last two decades outside subcontinent? CT13 - PAK not able to win a single game - great record and IND won all the matches it played including warmups - bad record?

  • john on February 19, 2014, 12:24 GMT

    If you can't kill the devil - join him.

  • Jonam on February 19, 2014, 4:41 GMT

    No need to blame any Board. Facts are simple. These 3 generate the most funds, so befriend them. I like the narrative here, sympathizers will not give you the money, accept the reality that these 3 are the source of money, deal with that, and let later decide on moral grounds. As for Pak, in spite of their objection, they will also tow the line. Why? Because India know that those matches will generate huge interest/advert monies, as will PCB.

  • Anil on February 19, 2014, 3:58 GMT

    While most fans have accepted the reality of the ICC revamp and the stand taken by the 2 boards that abstained from voting at the Singapore meeting, we still have the vituperative critics of Sri Lanka Cricket making their usual sanctimonious pronouncements. Has anyone actually read these proposed changes? Please do not let paranoia overtake your emotions.

  • Snawar on February 19, 2014, 2:54 GMT

    OK Guys! 8 nations already agreed on revamp and Pak/ SL opposition is not gonna make any difference now. It might help SL if they get along B(G)3. As for as Pakistan is concerned, vote for or vote against is not gonna make any difference because Pakistan was already isolated and will be like this for a while due to political and non-political reasons. We were getting a series here, a series there and probably we still be getting a series here and a series there. This could have some impact on our ranking but not on the quality and brand of the cricket we play. ANYONE who thinks that this is the end of Pakistan cricket is living in fools paradise. Akram, Inzi, Waqar, Amir, Saeed Anwar , these guys were not a product of a system or academy or coaching. They were just street kids, good enough to play at highest level and you will see many more in coming years. For us, Cricket is not just a game, its our second religion and people dont leave their religion for money..............

  • Shahid on February 19, 2014, 2:26 GMT

    So, Mr. Ranatunga! you claimed that the Big Three respect and understand your position. Wait till they dictate their terms and you disassociate SLC

  • Siddharth on February 19, 2014, 0:41 GMT

    After reading comments from passionate fans, I feel we are all being very naive. Sport administration is a business and I am pretty sure that all the boards were just waiting to have negotiations and better deals for themselves. Secondly, how many of us have gone through the proposed changes and understand the economics of these decisions ? Its business guys, don't fool yourself with what the media projects it to be. And lastly, cricket will still be played on the playgrounds between teams/actual players. I don't think that is changing. So lets not be a drama queen and say that it is end of gentleman's game. There are not facts that point to the demise of the actual game. So chill and enjoy the game.

  • Krishna on February 18, 2014, 21:15 GMT

    This was bound to happen after IPL auctions now its time to see how long PCB will stay on the other side.But one thing is that whatever is happening its not good for the game of cricket.

  • Sanjiv on February 18, 2014, 20:07 GMT

    Lots of posts here are confusing the Game with Business. The Game still needs the Akrams and Guls. It will be richer for it. I am an India fan. I have always enjoyed the great Pakistan players - so many of them have been far superior to anything we had! The Business still needs the Big3 to grow the viability of all Boards because some individual Board's need help, to nurture their local Game.

  • Dummy4 on February 18, 2014, 19:33 GMT

    I agree with you Magesh. However, the difficulty is, one doesn't know how the big 3 are going to change tactics in the later years. The revenue sharing and tours will be so much controlled by the 3 and one doesn't want the other 7 test playing nations to start putting out their begging bowls. It's all the fear of the 'unknown' that is putting off people.

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