Regional Super50 2017, Group A January 31, 2017

T&T flatten West Indies U-19 for 58

ESPNcricinfo staff

File photo - Sheldon Cottrell had took 3 for 6 off his seven overs © BCCI

Trindad & Tobago decimated West Indies Under-19s for 58 in the course of their eight-wicket win at North Sound on Tuesday. Having put West Indies U-19 in to bat, Sheldon Cottrell went on to scythe through the line-up, finishing with returns of 7-4-6-3 to pick up the Man-of-the-Match award. Seamer Roshon Primus and left-arm spinner Khary Pierre also took two wickets each during an innings that lasted only 31 overs.

West Indies U-19s' total of 58 was largely down to wicketkeeper Emmanuel Stewart's 60-ball 30, with none of the other batsmen even reaching double-figures. T&T needed only 10.2 overs to brush past the target, for the loss of their openers. The win helped T&T climb to second place on the table, even as West Indies U-19s languish at the bottom of Group A.

An unbeaten 84-run partnership for the sixth wicket between Adam Ball and wicketkeeper Adam Rouse sealed a four-wicket win for Kent, after Calum Haggett (4-59) and Imran Qayyum (3-42) had restricted Windward Islands to 241 for 9.

Having been put in to bat, Windward were struggling at 91 for 5, with Haggett and Qayyum having taken four of the five wickets at this stage. Sunil Ambris' 69-ball 50 - his third fifty-plus score in four matches - pushed the score to 241 with help from the lower order, particularly Windward captain Liam Sebastien (32), seamer Kyle Mayers (37 not out) and Darren Sammy (23). Kent captain Sam Northeast's 49 and his 60-run partnership for the second wicket with opener Sean Dickson (36) stabilized Kent quickly after the fall of Daniel Bell-Drummond.

Windward staged a fightback in the middle overs, claiming three wickets for 18 runs at one stage but Ball and Rouse squashed the opposition's chances with a rapid partnership that came off 74 balls. Ball was unbeaten on 40 off 46, while Rouse scored 36 off 37 as Kent reached the target with 23 balls to spare.

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  • Kendel3456385 on February 2, 2017, 18:55 GMT

    @ metman... on the contrary. read back to your second message when u said "yet people like you are constantly saying TNT should go it alone" so I wanna know when did I ever say tnt should go it alone ?? or is it just more properganda that you usually like spreading. and are you talking about last year after we defeated you all by 9 wickets and then u all defeated us by 3 wickets?? did we play with all of our stars ??? I think u need to check the score card again

  • Michael on February 2, 2017, 17:52 GMT

    @johnny865... when did i ever suggest that??? I want u to show me once where I ever said YOU said that tnt should go it alone ? "it hurts to see that whenever all ya win there is always talk about ' going it alone " ....big man THOSE WERE MY WORDS...where is the word you in those words ?someone should therefore tell YOU that is a generalized statement and it does not necessarily mean YOU. You need to read and UNDERSTAND I said that when 5 BAJANS played the Tridents won but with 5 TRINIS they finished towards the bottom.You said you knew the trinis did perform and I said the BAJANS did perform what is your problem ? Big man read AGAIN and see if I am not referring to the 2017 Super 50 when I say that players from outside caused TnT to win. How many titles did TnT won OUTSIDE of TnT ? and didn't Bdos BEAT all ya silly in the first super50 in all ya backyard with all ya stars with the exception of Pollard playing

  • Kendel3456385 on February 2, 2017, 17:21 GMT

    @metman... and whenever you choose players to represent wi, you always choose players from barbados and criticize others mainly tnt. so by that thinking anyone can see that what you really want is a full Barbadian team representing wi so it's best you all go it alone...

  • Kendel3456385 on February 2, 2017, 16:30 GMT

    @metman... when did i ever suggest that??? I want u to show me once where I ever suggested that tnt should go it alone ?? in fact I am the one who was saying that no island can go it alone so u need to get your facts right. also you are saying 5 Barbadian were chosen to play in the cpl but how many of those performed?? because I knew the trinis did. and even before the cpl draft when each island played their own players from their own country, tnt still won almost all the titles. how many did you all win with your players ??? and you are saying it's because of players from outside of tnt which caused us to win, I suggest u to take a look at last year super 50 tournament and see besides hope who else it had representing us from outside tnt. try and get your facts straight before commenting...

  • Michael on February 2, 2017, 13:08 GMT

    @Johnny865.....look at the headline and then scrolled down a bit and look at the picture in its entireity of the player SALUTING. No Red Farce colors is a picture of Sheldon Cottrell in a white shirt...a JAMAICAN to the BONE...yet people like you are constantly saying ''TnT should go it alone " with absolutely no respect or regard for those players who caused TnT to be highlighted.

  • Michael on February 2, 2017, 12:43 GMT

    @Johnny865 hurts to see that whenever all ya win there is always talk about ' going it alone " when the expatriates are the ones who are propping up the Red Farce . All ya should be alone is all I am saying.Man you seem obsessed with people who state facts about TnT cricket, Do like Barbados play home grown talent and then run your mouth. Bdos Tridents won the CPL back then with FIVE BAJANS aboard and they failed miserably when 5 Trinis were included and questionable tactics by the Trinidadian captain...ask Jason Holder or Ashley Nurse. As for the match against Jamaica,we have batting down to #11 ,so if you saw it as a struggle and finding comfort in saying so,who is me to deny you your comfort ...we saw it as another VICTORY with HOME GROWN TALENT ALONE. Why do all ya have to import cricketers to gain fame ? and that includes players in the CPL as though all ya had all home grown talent back then when all ya won.

  • megama3812918 on February 1, 2017, 20:46 GMT

    Maybe Sammy should be capt of team, only good reason i c for him being in team, k hodge is a spent force, the wonder twins jc and fletcher cant even buy a run after all these years. C hughes seems he could only make runs in England.

  • megama3812918 on February 1, 2017, 20:40 GMT

    Winwards r arguably the worst team in this tournament, barring a few of their players/icc america dont count. Losing to Kent, a good club side could beat kent on these type of decks.

  • cvelox3367772 on February 1, 2017, 20:24 GMT

    The time have come for Windward Islands to stop recycling players who have been tried and tested ,such as Johnson Charles ,Devon Smith and there are more in the team ,who need to be replace by younger players ,like Gidron Pope .

  • Kendel3456385 on February 1, 2017, 17:51 GMT

    metman you are sure obsessed with tnt cricket. I see it truly hurts you to see us winning. you should look at the cpl and see how much expatriates is needed to help you all win a game also your full strength team struggled to get past a Jamaican team lacking a few of their stars so go and think bout instead of commenting nonsense ...

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