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Sri Lanka v West Indies, World T20, semi-final

April 4, 2014

Save our hearing please

Mayisha Kabir

Lasith Malinga dismissed the openers in one over, Sri Lanka v West Indies, World T20, semi-final, Mirpur, April 3, 2014
One over of brilliance from Malinga turned the game around © Getty Images
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Choice of game
This was my fifth day and seventh match at the Shere Bangla National Stadium; I had been planning to watch the first semi-final from even before the tournament started. Furthermore, Sri Lanka and West Indies have some my most favorite players. It was good way to lift my mood up after Bangladesh's disappointing exit.

Team supported

I would like to say that I was neutral but I so clearly wasn't and after my 'chance' meeting with Kumar Sangakara, I didn't really have any other choice but support Sri Lanka. Plus, Sri Lanka have been playing in Bangladesh for two months or so, and I feel they have the opportunity this year to actually win the Cup. This being Sangakkara's and Mahela Jayawardene's last World T20, I genuinely believe Sri Lanka deserve to win.

Key performer

Some would say Lahiru Thirimanne, some would even say it was Angelo Mathews, but I thought Lasith Malinga, the captain (even if only for the toss) was the key performer. Considering, at the end of the first over West Indies were 17 for 0, Sri Lanka were the side under pressure, but Malinga's double-wicket over put West Indies on the back foot and they weren't able to make much of a recovery after that. I don't believe West Indies would have been able to chase the total even if the hailstorm hadn't interrupted proceedings.

One thing I would change about the match

I was sitting right beside the Sri Lankan dug-out, we had a decent view of the Sri Lankan team particularly Malinga. That block of the Grand Stand is a very nice place to sit. However, there was a very, very annoying loudspeaker just in front of us. We actually thought we are going to become deaf tonight, it was that loud, particularly when the emcee was shouting in the middle of the overs, and it was unbearable. I would definitely want to change that. And it would have been better if the storm had waited till the end of the match.

The interplay I enjoyed

Sunil Narine is an excellent bowler. I enjoyed the contest between him and Thirimanne at the end of the fifteenth over. I believe the pressure created from this over made Thirimanne look for more boundaries during the next, ultimately resulting in his dismissal.

Shot of the day

The shot by Dwayne Smith in the very first over off Nuwan Kulasekara was for me the shot of the day. It looked spectacular from where I was sitting.


We are essentially not allowed to take anything into the stadiums these days. Stadium security has become just as bad as airport security checks, but my aunt managed to bring her binoculars which were very useful.

Crowd meter

There were plenty of fans supporting both teams. I think if West Indies were playing against a non-Asian team they would have definitely been the favorites in the stadium. The stands weren't full from the beginning but the buzz built up gradually. The atmosphere was very pleasant (I left the stadium at the 10th over of the West Indian innings), although it wasn't on par with Bangladesh's games.

Test vs T20

Neither - I prefer ODIs. While I enjoy T20s, sometimes I just feel they aren't worth it. As for Tests, well they are definitely rewarding, but the opportunity cost in this day and age is a little too high.

Marks out of ten

I would give it a grand total of 8 out of 10. I wanted to give a much higher score, but if the hail storm hadn't interrupted, there may have been more fireworks from the Windies at the end. The storm wasn't as sudden as it may have seemed on TV. Ever since the toss, when the wind blew dust in my eyes I knew rain was always on the cards. And when it rained, it pelted.

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Mayisha is an intern at RTM International and a second year law student. She is one of those 'We are still with you Tigers' Bangladesh supporters. She tends to think to about cricket and cricketers (mostly just Stuart Broad) whenever she is free

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Posted by Greg on (April 20, 2014, 11:23 GMT)

I love to watch T20 games but I only watch the ones involving my country & only with the sound down. It is a great game ruined by loud music even between balls! It gives me a headache. You don't go out to a night club & when the band rests between sets you see a game of cricket break out, so why do we have to have this thumping noise so often?

Part of the problem is the volume & the other part is the type of music played. You are never going to please everybody with the type of music played. Are people so bored these days that they cannot go 5 seconds without being "entertained"? It is an Americanism of our great sport which is not necessary.

Trust me, if you want to take the world by storm with this sport, then lose the music. If spectators want music all the time then let them take their ipods.

Sorry but I am never going to another limited over game until (if) this ever changes.

Posted by Izmi on (April 9, 2014, 13:08 GMT)

I have heard people say that they don't come to watch T20 cricket matches anymore because of the loud music between overs. It's not only very noisy but sometimes the same song keeps repeating over and over again. Also some of the music is not to their taste. You also seem to lose your concentration when you are so engrossed in the game and I wonder how the players feel about it? I think it would be really relaxing to listen to music during a break for drinks etc. when you want to stretch yourself for a few minutes before the game restarts. Sometimes too much noise and loud music can have a disastrous effect on you.

Posted by Vijay P on (April 4, 2014, 23:16 GMT)

I hate those loud announcements and same song being repeated after every boundary. It is an insult to intelligence.

Posted by Dummy4 on (April 4, 2014, 8:03 GMT)

very interesting views. Great to note that Bangladeshi fans enjoy our beloved game. Great game, the better side won. WI great performance, but when u play against India and Sri Lanka especially in these conditions u have to minimize your mistakes. I agree the PA system with a DJ screaming is not the ideal atmosphere on a cricket ground.

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