West Indies Cricket Board elections July 25, 2005

Barbados Cricket Association supports Lloyd

Cricinfo staff

Clive Lloyd: favourite for the vice-president's post © Getty Images
Clive Lloyd, the former West Indies captain, has received full support from the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) for the post of vice-president of the West Indies Cricket Board. Lloyd, who was originally contesting for the president's post, lost the race to Ken Gordon, the former media manager from Trinidad. The annual general meeting of the WICB is scheduled to take place on August 6 and 7 in St Maarten.

"Lloyd is highly respected and we decided to throw our support behind him," Stephen Alleyne, the president of the BCA was quoted as saying in The Nation. "The general view is that with Gordon being the sole candidate for president, it was felt that the vice-president should be one with a strong cricketing background and experience, and would bring a cricketing outlook."

Alleyne also said that Barbados was the second country to support Lloyd, who was first nominated by his native Guyana. The other candidate for the vice-president's post is Val Banks. "Lloyd has again shown his commitment to West Indies cricket by making himself available," said Alleyne. "We believe strongly he would bring balance and coverage of all the issues of the game. His position as one of the finest West Indies skippers speaks for itself and his further involvement in other cricket development programmes and also as West Indies manager and ICC match referee demonstrated his appeal on the international stage."