Ken Gordon slams Players' Association chief July 17, 2007

West Indies players call for resignation of CEO

Cricinfo staff

Dinanath Ramnarine has accused Bruce Aanensen, the WICB chief executive, of a 'negative management style' © Trinidad & Tobago Express
The West Indies national team have called for the resignation of Bruce Aanensen, the WICB's chief executive who has been in office for less than three months, highlighting what seems an almost irreparable divide between players and officials.

In a strongly-worded letter, originally posted on, to Dinanath Ramnarine, the chief executive of the West Indies Players Association (WIPA), the players wrote that they were highly offended that Aanensen publicly labelled them as incompetent.

"We are now left with the rather difficult situation of determining whether as players we would be able to continue working with Mr. Aanensen," the letter concluded. "Unfortunately, given the unfair and frankly thoughtless nature of his comments we would not be keen in having any further interaction at a professional level with Mr. Aanensen. From Mr. Aanensen's comments, for which, significantly, he has made no withdrawals or apologies, we would find it virtually impossible to engage him in any meaningful manner."

Gordon, who leaves office in 12 days, responded to Ramnarine, who forwarded the players' letter along with a few asides of his own, by saying that he was not satisfied by the letters as there was no justification in the charges made.

But he rounded on Ramnarine, accusing him of being "frequently abusive to Deryck Murray [WICB director] and his team at negotiations." Gordon wrote: "You have stated at meetings with one of our board members and two executives of WICB present that I am a liar. You have since denied saying so, while everyone present heard your comment ..."

Reacting to the attack by the players, Aanensen said that he was anything but happy about it though he added that his response would be measured and forthcoming at the appropriate time. About the charge of calling the players "incompetent" following the second Test, Aanensen told the Trinidad Express: "I had discussions with some of the players long after that interview [in the second Test] was done and I got no sense of animosity from them." He accused Ramnarine of wanting to unleash an assault on him. "[He] thought that [the players' letter] was a good support mechanism for his assault."