West Indies news August 31, 2010

Sarwan, Taylor and Ramdin cut from WI contract list

Cricinfo staff

Ramnaresh Sarwan, Jerome Taylor and Denesh Ramdin have been demoted from the West Indies contract list while Kieron Pollard and Adrian Barath have been promoted to full deals. The fitness of Sarwan, a former captain, and Narsingh Deonarine was "deemed unsatisfactory" by the selectors while Taylor, the fast bowler, was not helped by his limited availability following a back injury.

Sarwan, who was most recently affected by a hamstring problem, has not played a Test since 2009 and he has appeared in four ODIs and seven Twenty20s this year. He has a top score of 100 not out against Ireland but he was less effective when facing the better teams. Taylor was sent home from the tour of Australia late last year with back stress fractures and has made only nine limited-overs appearances since then.

The wicketkeeper Ramdin and Travis Dowlin, the batsman who has played six Tests, were cut from the list due to poor form. "Ramdin and Dowlin's performances over the past year have been less than favourable in the view of the selection committee," the board said in a statement.

There was better news for Pollard, Barath, Darren Bravo, Shane Shillingford, Nikita Miller and Nelon Pascal, who were given their first central contracts. Pollard has become an international star for his big hitting and medium pace in the limited-overs arenas while Barath, 20, showed his potential with a Test century on debut against Australia last year.

The players have until September 10 to accept the offers. Those outside the contract list are still able to represent West Indies.

Central contracts Chris Gayle, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Sulieman Benn, Dwayne Bravo, Darren Sammy, Kemar Roach, Brendan Nash, Adrian Barath, Darren Bravo, Shane Shillingford, Kieron Pollard, Nikita Miller, Devon Smith, Ravi Rampaul, Nelon Pascal.

Development contracts Kirk Edwards, Andre Russell, David Bernard Jr., Gavin Tonge, Andre Fletcher, Chadwick Walton, Devendra Bishoo, Assad Fudadin, Imran Khan, Kevin Stoute.

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  • sajjo on September 8, 2010, 0:07 GMT

    and also to everybody else i know that we are all from the caribbean. we are west indian brothers no matter what individual country we come from.. but in case u dont realize we are still diffrent nationalities and races. and theres no point denying that because it obvious. and the history of west indies, there has always been racsim to players of indian descent. there have many times been teams with only 1 or even 0 indians in the 11. even now there are some good players who dont get fair chances. compare benn 1st class record is rubbish yet he gets to play so many tests? why didnt ramnarine, nagamootoo, dhanraj get those chances in the 90s? and now even dave mohammed and amit jaggernath? sarwan is our 2nd best batsman, deonarine was one of the best who performed against australia and they have both been dropped.its obvious so yes we want unity in west indies cricket but at the same time do not deny the facts.

  • sajjo on September 8, 2010, 0:02 GMT

    why is everybody being so harsh of ramdin? the main purpose of a wicket keeper is to be good at keeping, take catchs , stumpings, etc. encourage the other fielders, and he was vice captain for a while so he could be a potential leader. its the BATSMENS job to score most of the runs, if they not doing that then they are to blame, not the wicket keeper or lower order. Ramdin is our best keeper, and one of the best in the world. if a keeper can bat good as well, then thats a bonus not a requirement. a good example is kamran akmal. he can bat ok but he is the worst keeper in the world, he loses matches for pak because he misses so many catchs and chances.. atleast we have a good keeper, especally since our fielding in general is quite poor, and what happens he gets dropped because of his batting?? even though his keeping is excellent.

  • PATRICK on September 6, 2010, 21:12 GMT

    Pollard was already contracted to Somerset and professionals must carry out their contractual commitments. WICB could hardly expect KP to break this contract to play for the B side (a first team call up would be different). They have now retained his services and the right to arranging his schedule.

  • ramdular on September 6, 2010, 15:29 GMT

    Is big benn fit?that guy has a serious attitude and still given a contract.What about Rampaul? he seems to breathe very hard after bowling 3 overs.What a double standard the WICB is preaching,it doesnt make sense if u are fit and cant bat(POLLARD)does he deserve a contract after snubbing WI to play county cricket for somerset.

  • PATRICK on September 5, 2010, 9:58 GMT

    Metman, I agree Simmons has a lot of potential. Just saying Ramdin is still first choice for T&T, so I cannot see him being given the chance unless Ramdin gets injured. Wicketkeeping is a specialist role particularly for test cricket (catches win matches etc), so unfortunately Simmons has to do this for T&T first. Maybe I am a purist and want WI to keep playing test cricket - I really cannot see any benefit in dissolving WI team for individual countries to play lesser opposition like Canada. How are players going to develop unless they play at the highest level? As said before, 12 games in the 4 day format would give selectors a good look at player consistency and better prepare them for the rigours of overseas tours. My main concern is that there are few true fast bowlers coming through the ranks. No matter how good the batting can be, 20 wickets is a big ask without a couple of quickies - Rampaul is pretty ordinary.

  • Larry on September 5, 2010, 0:20 GMT

    Andre Fletcher and Dave Bernard Jr. have to have godfathers on the WICB. They have done nothing to show that they deserve to be on any WI team much less for getting a retainer contract. With this board entrenched for another umteen years it appears that WI cricket will be in the hole sooner than later. Most of the territories seem to think that they must have selectees on the board and the team. As such the insularity continues. Best bet at this time is the dissolving of the board and each territory apply to the ICC as Associte members. Play against the likes of Canada, USA, Argentina, Bermuda, Cayman Islands for a spot or two at the 20/20 World Cup or the ODI competitions. In this way each territory will play more cricket and there will be the opportunity for the development of more players. Then the money that is sort after by the present board will be available to the respective territories and they will be responsible for the mismanagement of the funds. No freeness for the board.

  • Michael on September 4, 2010, 21:48 GMT

    @Paddyrasta !Why cant Simmons take the gloves for TT,and use Ramdin in the outfield strictly as a batsman?Let Simmons bat at 4 or 5,and revert D.Ganga back to opener!Sometimes one has to look beyond the traditional specialists and place people in positions that have obvious potential.To those people who seem to be upset over the Sarwan issue,...people,he has not been dropped from the team.I am sure he WILL be selected on the team to Sri Lanka!however,one should not be focusing on his fitness,one should focus on HOW,WHEN,WHY AND WHERE he gets out !Someone said that Sarwan should have been awarded a contract,because he is a future capt.That person has now obviously awoken from a very deep sleep,and needs to be told that he WAS a former capt,until he was overthrown by Chris Gayle and the Board .It is also crystal clear to everyone except that person,who by the way is Ranji Nanan,that Sarwan DOES NOT want the captaincy ANYMORE!

  • PATRICK on September 4, 2010, 11:09 GMT

    Fanciful idea Metman. Difficult to conceive Simmons with the gloves for Trinidad and less so WI. No question about it, Ramdin as others must lift their game to be picked but the regional 4 day tournament is lacking with only 6 games to show their worth. This must be doubled for it to be preparation for test cricket, particularly if your brand new inexperienced team is to take over the reigns - they would be out of their depth against even Bangladesh. Glad to see WICB finally acknowleging the potential that other overseas teams have witnessed - they have contracted the services of Pollard, a professional who has said that he wants to play test cricket. I can't wait to see him shine.

  • Michael on September 3, 2010, 20:55 GMT

    Imagine Ranji Nanan saying that not providing Sarwan and Ramdin with contracts, is a backward step.Someone needs to tell him also that giving contracts to Pollard and Rampaul is a backward step also,as a matter of fact two backward steps!Simmons has a future in WI cricket not as an opening batsman,but as a wicketkeeper/batsman at no.7 just like Dujon,provided he behaves himself and follow instructions.WI Board/selectors ,WORK on him ! not on Walton,Fletcher and just forget Ramdin!

  • Michael on September 3, 2010, 20:18 GMT

    @ Cricketknowledge ! Well said ! am in complete agreement with you.Get rid of ALL the cricketers that have already made their fortunes,.They majority of them dont care anymore about WI cricket,they only do so much as to maintained their place in the team,plain and simple.They just dont care if the WI win, lose or draw.Their ONLY interest is the fat pay packet at the end of every series.I have already said that if WI cricket is to improve you have to get rid of people like Gayle,Sarwan,Chanders,Benn,Taylor,Ramdin,Rampaul,,and Pollard.Invest in players that are hungry for success,like Bravo and Bravo,Kraig Brathwaite,Roach,Stoute,Dowrich,Sammy,Shillingford,Hughes,Barath,Santoky,Bishoo,to name those that readily come to mind.Just as Dujon was made into a wicketkeeper,having previously made the Jamaican team as a batsman,the same can be done with Simmons,but he and Deonarine need to shape up in their indiscipline or face permanent oblivion!Make Dwayne Bravo capt,Sammy,v.cptn or vice versa!

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