More convenient a companion than larger volumes, 1865

To the Reader

JOHN WISDEN AND Co., return their most sincere thanks to the Cricketing public for the support given by them to this little work. Induced by the flattering patronage of many of the most distinguished Cricketers of the day, they have ventured upon the publication of a second number, trusting that its contents will win for it the same generous support as for its predecessor. J. W. and Co. hope that the selection of matches they have made will give satisfaction to their Readers, and that they will find the Almanack, from its size, a readier reference and a more convenient companion than larger volumes of greater pretentions.

It was our wish to have published in this year"s Almanack a list of Secretaries of Clubs with their addresses, as we think it would be a useful reference in making matches with each other, and have advertised our intention of doing so in three different Sporting Papers; but not having received so many answers as we hoped, we shall postpone the idea for another year, trusting in the meantime that we may receive the desirable information from those of our readers whom it may concern.

© John Wisden & Co