The three English twelves who have visited Australia, 1874

H. H. STEPHENSON"S IN 1861-62 .

H. H. Stephenson(Captain) William Mudie Charles Lawrence
George Bennett Edward Stephenson William Mortlock
William Caffyn Roger Iddison Thomas Sewell, jun.
George Griffith Thomas Hearne George Wells
They left England, Oct. 18, 1861.They played 12 Matches in Australia.
Won.........6.Lost.........2.4 were unfinished.
The largest innings played by this Eleven in Australia was 305 v. 18 of Victoria at Melbourne. Their first match in Australia England won by an innings and 96 runs.

GEORGE PARR"S IN 1863-64 .

George Parr(Captain) Robert Carpenter John Jackson
George Anderson Alfred Clarke Thomas Lockyer
Julius CæsarMr. E. M. Grace George Tarrant
William Caffyn Thomas Hayward R. C. Tinley
They left England, Oct. 15, 1863.They played 16 Matches in Australia.
Won.........10.Lost, None.6 were unfinished.
The largest innings played by this Eleven in Australia was 310 v. 22 of Ballarat at Ballarat.

MR. W. G. GRACE"S IN 1873-74 .

Mr. W. G. Grace(Captain )Mr. G. F. Grace James Lillywhite
Mr. F. H. Boult Andrew Greenwood Martin McIntyre
Mr. J. A. Bush Richard Humphrey William Oscroft
Mr. W. Gilbert Henry Jupp James Southerton

They left England (Southampton) in the Mirzahpore on the 23rd of October, 1873, and the compiler of this book heartily wishes The Twelve a healthy and prosperous trip, and SUCCESS TO OLD ENGLAND in all their matches.


Their decision should in every case be strictly obeyed, or there will be no pleasure in the game.- SELKIRK'S Guide to the Cricket Ground.

GEORGE BENNETT, Shorn, near Cobham, Kent. W. INWOOD, Page's Cricket Ground, Tufnell Park, Kentish Town, N.
G. BUTLER,Trent Bridge Ground, Nottingham. GEO. LEE, Lord"s Cricket Ground, St. John's Wood Road, N.W.
G. CHATTERTON, Sheffield, Yorks. W. H. LUCK, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
S. DAKIN, Cambridge W. MORTLOCK,Cricketing Depot, Waterloo Ry. Station, London.
W. H. FRYER, Coxheath, Linton, Staplehurst, Kent. THOMAS PLUMB, Northampton
LUKE GREENWOOD, Lascelles Hall, Yorkshire. J. ROWBOTHAM, New Inn, 108 , Eccleshall Road, Sheffield, Yorks.
GEORGE GRIFFITH, 3, Brodie Road, Guildford, Surrey JOHN THEWLIS, Lascelles Hall, Yorks.
DANIEL HAYWARD, Cambridge R. THOMS, 31, Princess Terrace, Regent"s Park Road, N.W.
H. HOLMES, Totton, near Southampton, Hants. GEORGE WOOTTON, Clifton, Notts.
THOS. HUMPHREY, Dorking, Surrey HENRY WRIGHT, Sheffield, Yorks.

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