M.C.C. and G. v. Uxbridge

Played at UXBRIDGE, August 2, 3. - The M. C. C. professionals in this match were young George Hearne (son of George), who scored 56, not out, and 56; John Wheeler, who made 6 and 71; F. Randon, who scored 24 and 4, not out; and W. Mycroft, whose bowling had 11 wickets (8 bowled) for 86 runs. The Uxbridge men played up well in their first innings, but went down badly in their second. Their most successful batsmen were Mr. E. B. Hunt, who scored 43 and 34; Mr. N. A. Mercer, 29 and 0; the Rev. J. Swire, 25 and 8; Mr. C. B. Humbert, 13 and 12; and Mr. W. H. B. Bird, 8 and 16. The bowling of W. Mycroft, young Hearne, and Randon was strong stuff for the Uxbridge men to contend against. However, they scored 294 runs; but for all that, M. C. C. and G. won by 5 wickets.

Totals - M. C. C. and G., 140 and (5 wickets down) 156. UXBRIDGE, 200 and 94.

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