Mr W. G. Grace's hundreds

FS Ashley Cooper

The fact that during the course of the season Mr. W. G. Grace accomplished the extraordinary feat of playing his two hundredth innings of 100 or more runs, provides one with an opportune time for placing before the readers of Wisden's Almanack details of all his three-figure scores, in first-class as well as minor matches. Whilst perusing the tables set forth below, the reader should remember that when W. G. was in his prime he was not only expected to make far more runs than anybody else on the side, but also to bear the brunt of the bowling. It says much for his physique and wonderful powers of endurance that he should have held the foremost position in the world of cricket for so many years, for even now, at the advanced age (for a cricketer) of fifty-four, he is worth a place in almost any team in the world. As seven years ago, after the great batsman had enjoyed a most successful season,reminiscences of W. G. appeared in these pages from the pens of Lord Harris and Mr. A. G. Steel, there is no necessity to refer again now to his wonderful feats during his long and eventful career. The particulars of his three-figure scores are therefore appended, and from the lists it will be observed that the champion has played as many as 124 three-figure innings in first-class cricket, and 79 in matches of less importance.

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