Third Test Match


At Melbourne, December 31, January 1, 2. This match was abandoned on the third day after almost continuous rain had prevented any play. The captains tossed on the first day and Illingworth, winning the toss, put Australia in. The abandonment was ordered by a conference of members of the Australian Board, led by Sir Donald Bradman, and the M.C.C. manager with two visiting M.C.C. officials, Sir Cyril Hawker and G. O. Allen. It was later announced that a 40-over match would be played on the last day of the Test, and that an additional Test would be inserted into the touring programme in place of the four-day return match against Victoria and the one-day game at Euroa.


* W. M. Lawry, K. R. Stackpole, I. M. Chappell, I. R. Redpath, K. D. Walters, G. S. Chappell, ? R. W. Marsh, A. A. Mallett, J. W. Gleeson, G. D. McKenzie, A. N. Connolly.


* R. Illingworth, M. C. Cowdrey, G. Boycott, B. L. D"Oliveira, J. H. Edrich, ? A. P. E. Knott, P. Lever, B. W. Luckhurst, K. Shuttleworth, J. A. Snow, D. L. Underwood.

Umpires: T. F. Brooks and L. P. Rowan.

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