World Series Cup - Third Final Match

Australia v New Zealand 1980-81

With New Zealand needing 6 runs to tie the match off the last ball, Trevor Chappell, instructed to do so by his brother and captain, Greg, bowled McKechnie an underarm ball, which caused a furore that could haunt Australian-New Zealand cricket for a long time. Earlier in the day Greg Chappell, when 52, had refused to walk when Snedden, at deep midwicket, claimed what appeared to be a low but fair catch off Cairns; as neither umpire was watching the incident - they said they were looking for short runs - New Zealand's impassioned appeals for a catch were in vain. After quickly losing Border, Wood and Greg Chappell added 145 for Australia"s second wicket in 34 overs, Chappell again being in his best form. When he was finally out, caught by Edgar diving forward at deep midwicket, it was to a similar catch to that which was earlier held by Snedden and confirmed by the television replays. This time Chappell went without hesitation. Late in the innings Kent and Marsh both made useful runs.

Although Wright and Edgar gave New Zealand another excellent start, putting on 85 in 24 overs, and runs continued to come at a rate which made a New Zealand victory possible, such a result always seemed just against the odds. Edgar, with a splendid hundred to his name, was not out at the end. After some good blows by Parker, Trevor Chappell came on to bowl the last over with 15 still needed and four wickets left. Hadlee straight drove the first ball for 4 and was lbw to the second. Smith then hit two 2s before being bowled, swinging at the fifth ball, leaving New Zealand with 6 to tie off the now infamous underarm delivery.

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