1983 World Cup - Semi-Final


Though Mohsin held one end until only three of Pakistan's 60 overs remained, their innings never promised to produce enough runs to bother West Indies. On a good, firm pitch the Pakistan batsmen, from whom Miandad was missing though influenza, struggled to such an extent that the boundary was reached only twice. Even though Mohsin and Zaheer made 54 in a third-wicket stand, the score had reached just 88 when Zaheer played on to Gomes from some way down the pitch in the last over before lunch. This was during a spell when Gomes and Richards were using up the fifth bowler's allotment economically. Greenidge and Haynes made an unspectacular start for West Indies, but Richards and Gomes finished the match with an unbroken stand of 132 and more than eleven overs to spare.

Man of the Match: I. V. A. Richards.

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