Fifth One-day International


At Georgetown, April 3. Tied. Toss: Pakistan.

The match finished with the scores level but the players left the field believing West Indies had won, having lost one less wicket. However, ICC referee Raman Subba Row intervened to declare a tie, because a crowd invasion impeded the fielding side while the last ball was still in play. With two runs needed to equal Pakistan's score, Bishop pushed the ball to deep mid-on. Even as he and Hooper ran the first, thousands of spectators swarmed on to the ground. Substitute Zahid Fazal returned the ball to the bowler, Wasim Akram, who dropped it, possibly distracted by the chaos. West Indies accepted Subba Row's decision as absolutely fair. This result, after a see-sawing match, also left the series tied 2-2.

Pakistan got the bulk of their 244 runs during the first seven overs and the last 17. In between, they lost momentum and wickets against keen bowling by Ambrose, Hooper and Cummins. Dismissing Lara early, they had a firm grip on the match until Richardson came in to blast 41. Even then all would have been over had Hooper not been missed on 27. Haynes helped him take West Indies within 22 runs of their target. Then two wickets went in successive overs, leaving 11 needed from the last.

Man of the Match: C. L. Hooper.

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